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  2. Bought the escape for a rebuilder project. Did all the body work before I noticed the radio did not work. I figured out that fuse 39(?) was missing in the inside fuse box. Put the fuse in and found the same problem...no buttoms work. The code in the computer is U0255. The code is for a communication problem with the front button panel. I checked continuity on the two communications wires to all three radio devices and they showed good, 0.5 ohms. I would appreciate some help. Tried spare radio pieces and no change.
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  4. Factory radio in my 2012 Escape XLT: Radio buttons, volume and tune dials all dark and not working. Radio still works with the sterring wheel buttons. Been told a bunch of different things that are the cause, but don't want to start replacing everything behind the dash for one simple part. Fuses all seem ok. Anyone have a clue on the correct culprit? Open for any diagnosis suggestions as well. Climate control buttons all work fine. Aaaaugh! A huge thank you to all in advance.

    Hood prop mod

    Hi, new here. I've got a 2011 3.0 and. I'm wanting to put shock type engine hood supports instead of the prop rod. Has anyone done this. Thanks in advance.
  6. For the first time ever, Ford Performance Parts is offering after-purchase leveling kits for Ford Ranger and Ford F-150 for even better off-road performance and greater vehicle customization. View the full article
  7. Ford Motor Company today detailed an expanded vision to transform its Research & Engineering Center in Dearborn into a high-tech, efficient, forward-thinking campus for thousands of its designers, engineers and product development workers. View the full article
  8. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will release its third quarter U.S. sales results at approximately 9:15 a.m. ET Wednesday, October 2, 2019. View the full article
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  10. Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety recall for select 2017 Ford Explorer vehicles for an improperly coined seat-frame edge. View the full article
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    Fair Acquires Canvas from Ford Credit

    Vehicle subscription app Fair today announced that it will acquire the assets of Canvas, a vehicle subscription service and wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Credit Company. View the full article
  12. Examples from every generation of Mustang since the iconic sports car’s launch in 1964 converged on Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground on September 7, to help set a new world record for the largest number of Mustangs gathered in one place. View the full article
  13. Ford Motor Company today celebrated the opening of its new customer contact center, which offers an innovative customer-focused approach and adds more than 500 new jobs to the Houston area. View the full article
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    No participation I see someone posts on here 8000 people read it & ignore it, time to look some where else... ✌🏻
  15. I want a Escape with 2.3 or 2.5 (doesn’t matter I’m replacing it) 5 speed manual is a must!! & 4WD or AWD (whichever’s the best strongest & last the longest) I’m seeing 2012, which is my cut off only offers in front wheel drive can I easily convert one of these to 4 or all wheel drive?
  16. An adventurous new ad campaign for the all-new Ford Explorer – America’s all-time best-selling SUV* – debuts this weekend with a series of ads that make grand exploration of everyday family outings such as buying basketball shoes, visiting a pet spa and taking the kids for ice cream. View the full article
  17. A survey of American drivers and those around the world has revealed the majority expect electric vehicles to replace gasoline-engine cars in the near future, yet misconceptions may stop them switching from pump to plug any time soon. View the full article
  18. Already America’s best-selling police vehicle, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility is capturing the attention of law enforcement agencies for an all-new reason – the 2020 model is the first-ever pursuit-rated police utility vehicle with a standard hybrid engine. View the full article
  19. When was the last time you thought about how insects affect your driving? View the full article
  20. More than 5,000 Ford Motor Company employees are joining community service projects in 34 countries this month to make people’s lives better during Ford Global Caring Month, the signature annual event of the Ford Volunteer Corps. View the full article
  21. BrianK

    2013 Escape Rear Caliper wont compress

    You cannot use a c-clamp. It will damage the internal ratcheting assembly inside the caliper which compresses the caliper when you engage the parking brake. Autozone and Advance have a brake pad compression tool kit which you can borrow. It has a sizes of tool heads with the pins that fit inside the caliper piston holes so you can rotate the caliper to compress it. If your caliper won't turn fairly easily, then you must replace the caliper assy.
  22. 2014 Escape drivers power seat quit working. Went to check fuse in cargo area fuse box, according to the owners manual it is spot F9, 25 amp fuse. There is no fuse at all in that space or anywhere close. Where is the fuse or is ut something in the seat. Seat rarely gets moved or adjusted since I am the only person that drives it
  23. Ford Motor Company is issuing four safety recalls in North America. View the full article
  24. Ford is seeing an additional increase in sales of its Transit van – already America’s top seller – as small business owners rethink traditional models of operation with the rise of an on-demand economy. View the full article
  25. New Yorkers road-tripping to Washington, D.C. and back are looking at a 454-mile journey. Detroiters driving to Toronto and back are on the road for 466 miles. And Angelenos making the trip to and from Las Vegas cover just over 500 miles. View the full article
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    Anthony F. Earley, Jr.

    Anthony F. Earley has been chairman and chief executive officer of DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE), a Detroit-based diversified energy company since 1998. DTE Energy owns Detroit Edison, an electric utility serving 2.2 million customers in Southeastern Michigan and Michigan Consolidated Gas Company (MichCon), a natural gas utility serving 1.3 million customers in more than 550 communities throughout Michigan. DTE Energy also owns several nationwide non-utility companies engaged in providing energy services to large industrial customers, the transportation and storage of fuels such as natural gas and coal, energy trading and the development of unconventional gas resources. View the full article
  27. Argo AI, in collaboration with Ford, plans to work directly with cities as we prepare to launch services enabled by self-driving vehicles, engaging local leaders to learn how we can deploy this technology in a way that best serves their needs. View the full article
  28. Hello, Have had the same problem happen twice. First time, we put the rear center back seat down and the center seat belt locked. This prevented the seat from being put back in the upright position I cut the seat belt that time. Had the center seat belt replaced. See attachment for replacement seat belt part. This time put the seat down and the center seat belt locked again. This prevented the seat from being put in the upright position AGAIN! Took the vehicle to the mechanic. He took the seat apart and was able to unbolt the seatbelt and unlock it. Is this how the seatbelt is supposed to work? Is there a recall on these seatbelts? Thank you, Craig
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