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  3. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    It is the coolant leaking into cylinder issue. Replacing under warranty. Eco Sport rental in the meantime. No timeline yet on how long it will take. Does engine warranty start over at 0 miles and the date of install? Any issues with replacement? I’ve seen pictures where instead of a slit for coolant between cylinders, the replacement has an oval hole off to the side of the cylinder. When did that change go into the production 1.5 engine? This will be 2 Fords in a row for me with issues. My 2013 Taurus had the water pump issue, that was out of warranty and cost me $2,200. That issue was the water pump being internal to engine, and when it goes leaking coolant into engine. Bad design. But no issues with wives 2005 Freestar mini van (kept it 15 years and 210,000 miles), or my 2007 Explorer that my son is driving now with 240000 miles.
  4. DocT

    Another newbie

    Hello... another newbie checking in. I'm the owner of a 2006 Escape and I absolutely love my car - I put a new gearbox in it at 170k miles, today it's creeping up on 250k miles. I recently made a handful of mods, including a bull bar with brush guards, and a sizeable sh**load of lighting. The pics below are cell phone images from last night, I will capture some better images soon.
  5. Jchristman92

    01 escape rear diff fluid change

    I drained the rear diff and put new silicone on and it's been drying for a few days without fluid. I took my inspection camera and looked inside and saw silicone. Is this ok or should I redo the whole thing
  6. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    dropped off at local ford dealer, they gave me a loaner. looks like the coolant getting into the cylinders. replace engine under warranty.
  7. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    2017 Escape Titanium 1.5 L. 44,000 miles. Driving to work on Thursday got the "Engine Fault Service Now" warning light. I was 2 miles from work, so got off interstate drove some back streets the rest of the way in. At lunch i started it, no more warning light. Driving in Friday Warning light again "Engine Fault Service Engine now", quickly followed by "engine overheating stop now" (or to that effect). Temp gauge went very high. Pulled off of high way onto off ramp. Stopped for 10 min. +/- . Started up temp was back to normal. Drove side streets the rest of the way in. Once sun came up checked coolant, it was very low. At lunch went to the auto parts store to get coolant, and added about 1/3 of bottle. Warning lights were all off now. drove home back roads. Checked coolant when i got home, it was low and again i added about 1/3 bottle. Fri night did some goggle searches to find the issues on 1.6 and 1.5 engines for coolant loss. Sat morning started escape, a lot of cloudy white smoke. Back out of garage due to smoke and parked outside. Sunday drove around neighborhood, no smoke. coolant didn't go down, but again only a few miles driving. I set up appointment for warning light, but nothing available until March 12. I've e mailed my service manager to see if I can get in earlier, and if its safe to drive the 40 miles to the dealer i bought it from and who has done my servicing. I drove my Taurus to work today. Would it be safe to drive , or if warranty anyway, and Ford dealer would be ok?
  8. Just bought a 2017 Escape 2.0 turbo. I’ve always used full synthetic with a qt. Of Marvel in my 05 Focus and I have 250,000 on it and it uses no oil . Not sure about a turbo engine so I need some thoughts on this as well as a good oil catch can. Anyone know how much synthetic is in a qt. of Ford synthetic?
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  10. fef91745


    Did you figure this out? I think you have to buy TPMS, because w/o it, your car will report an error. I guess if you can live with it giving you that error each time you start the car, it's OK.
  11. Wallace Robinson

    2010 tire sizes

    I have a 2010 Escape Limited 3.0 liter automatic transmission, AWD Owner manual lists tire sizes as : -P235/70R16 -P225/65R17 (mine) I have a chance to buy new snow tires and rims that were from a 2008 Escape : -235/75R15 Will these 15" rims fit my vehicle ?
  12. Hello everyone I am a very new Escape Titanium Hybrid (2020) owner. Two months now on only two tanks of gas and nearly 2000 kilometres. Here is my issue. The car is a perfect fit for me but my wife is quite short at 5 ft 0 in. Even with the electric seats as far adjusted for comfort as possible she finds that she must sit far too close to the steering wheel or her driver foot does not fully rest on the accelerator. She has her toe on the pedal but her heel fails to rest upon the floor. My local dealer can offer no suggestions for adjusting or modifying the reach or angle of the accelerator pedal to have her heel rest safely on the floor. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Is there an after market solution such as pedal extenders? Can anyone suggest a reliable pedal extender device? I would welcome suggestions form other Escape artists . Thanks all. Wayne (in BC)
  13. Soft reset the system by pressing the power button and fast forward button >> until the screen goes black . Let go and the unit will restart shortly. I am totally disgusted with Fords Sync 3 system because you will be doing the reset quite often. As much as my 2018 Escape Titanium is a nice vehicle I would NEVER had bought it had I known this was an incurable problem that has gone on for years with only a promise of a cure. It should be a recall with a fix or there needs to be a class action suit .
  14. Blueyeti129

    2020 escape issues

    Hello everyone, I’m new on here, and I was wondering if anyone has had any of the same issues as my has been having, I got my 2020 escape SEL in August of 2020, I now have just under 10,000 on it and it’s been in the shop at least twice a month since I’ve had it!! It started of the day I bought the car, as we were doing the delivery walk around I noticed the dash was bubbled up and the back up camera was completely pushed up into the housing, I brought that to the attention of my salesman and we made a appointment a couple weeks later to get it fixed, they fixed that issue then that’s when my other list of issues started, 1) I started have an issue with my car slamming from reverse to park when I put the car in reverse from drive, they did an update and it’s working somewhat better but not perfect 2) my Bluetooth keeps disconnecting when I’m using it and I’ve had that update twice and that appears to be working better! 3) a small noise when i would barley turn the steering wheel at slow speeds, they did some repairs but still hear it sometimes! now to the two issues I’ve yet for the to fix at all! I’ve had it in the shop three times now for the passenger rear door, it has not been aligned properly since day one, I’ve had it tweaked at the Ford dealer, and that made it worse so they ordered me new hinges and that fixed only PART of the issue. It’s now kicked out at the top and is leaking a little bit and the bottom trim on the rear wheel well that is completely off compared to the door! And the me drivers rear door is also not aligned properly!! And then lastly my headlights are starting to fog over ALREADY!! I work from home and the car sets in the garage it’s only in the sun/weather is when I’m driving the car! It upsets me to be having theses problems on a car that costs as much as my fully loaded Escape SEL did! I’m just wondering if anyone else has had the issues abs have had any of them fixed properly!! Thank you!
  15. MUDDY

    2020 hybrid driver seat discomfort

    My company just replaced my old Escape with a 2020 Escape. After my first trip of 1000plus miles in two days, I was on the couch for two days with the heating pad and severe back pain. The drivers seat has something in it that sticks up and runs across my tail bone. I took it to the dealership and they told me there is nothing wrong with the seat. I am stuck with a vehicle that I do not want to drive, on the fear of ending up with back issues. I have been very happy with the performance of the the prior Ford Escapes, I warn anyone to stay away from the new and improved 2020/2021 models. Hopefully, I can go back to driving my older Escape work vehicle.
  16. Susan

    Stay Away 2020 Escape

    I have had my 2020 escape titanium for less than a month, it's my fourth new escape and the only one I've ever had regrets. I traded my 2018 escape titanium for it, so my perspective is going from the "old" to the new. I'll start with the pro's. I like the absence of the two Ford triangle metal things (insignia's? - I don't know what they're called) that have been on both sides of Fords for years. I was just tired of them and thought their removal was a visual improvement. And I love the spoiler, finally after all these years, an escape with a spoiler! Now, here go the cons (in my opinion): 1) The leather seats are made with teeny tiny holes in the fabric, like little venting dots, for lack of a better explanation. They look really nice. BUT - Every time I eat in the car, which is often, when I go to brush the crumbs off the seat they are STUCK in the little holes in the fabric. My seats are black and food particles show. Boy, do they ever show! The only way to get them out (this was my last resort!) is to gently insert the tip of a toothpick into each hole containing crumbs, one by one, and scoop them out. I'm not overly messy by any means when I eat, these are just normal little crumbs like I've brushed off the seat in every car I've ever owned in my life with ease and without a thought. It sounds like such a small thing but it's my first "con" listed if that tells you anything, lol. But you don't know what you don't know, and I never gave it a thought. 2) Keyless entry - A few times when I went to get in the car with my keyless fob, it failed to unlock. It made the clicking noise, but didn't unlock. Even holding the fob right next to the handle and touching the handle repeatedly, it still wouldn't unlock and required me to physically press the unlock button on the fob. It's happened probably 4-5 times so far, but naturally it's frustrating because you never know whether THIS will be the time it doesn't unlock. About the time you forget and aren't thinking about it, it happens again. Could be really bad if you are in a big hurry (a parking lot alone at night comes to mind) and not expecting it. 3) Acceleration is more sluggy than the 2018 (my 2020 is a 2.0 which I think is the biggest, not sure if all titaniums are 2.0). 4) Putting gas in - Very small complaint, but still annoying so I'll mention - The gas door doesn't just open with a flick like my 2018 did. It's a press-release door and sometimes you have to press more than once to hit the sweet spot. Secondly, the hole to insert the gas dispenser is very narrow for some reason. Seems like you have to jostle the gas dispenser to fit just right into the narrow opening. These items are small and do-able, it just seems like a downgrade from the 2018. 5) From the auto-shutoff at a stoplight there is a slight hesitation before it takes off again when you hit the gas. Deficient as compared to the 2018 that resumed acceleration so smoothly it was as if it had never shut off. 6) The cubbies are gone! My 2018 had some neat little storage cubbies on the console, there was a little square that was deep enough to hold my iPhone upright, and a bigger cubby where I put my french fries. Also a little cubby for spare change. ALL GONE. There are no cubbies at all in 2020. Oh, and the glove box is more narrow. I knew this when I bought it so I can't complain too much, but it was a very nice convenience that's gone in 2020. 7) The 2018 had a little red lock indicator, from the outside when it's locked you could look across at the other door through the window and see a little red light indicating the doors were locked. Not there now. Not a big thing or a deal-breaker, but it was a nice convenience that's gone. 😎 Lumbar support for the front passenger seat is no longer available as it was in prior years. Bottom line - In hindsight I feel like I spent a lot of money and and other than miles, it's feels like a step down in so many ways. Nothing major, no one thing, but the little things do add up and if I had a do-over, I would pass on buying it.
  17. Susan

    2020 Escape: heated steering wheel

    I have a 2020 Escape Titanium, my steering wheel gets plenty warm and stays warm. I'd take it in and complain while its still under warranty. I don't have that issue but I do have others and wish I'd kept my 2018 titanium. Feel like I stepped down and paid to do it.
  18. Hello everyone ! im in the market for a new car ! I like the style and size of the Ford Escape, looks good for my growing family / work. So my driving lifestyle is... 100 Miles a day. 50 to and from work. 90% of that is on the interstate. Family trips out of state at least once a month 6-8 hour drives. I did 30k miles last year. So online I found a 2008 Escape Hybrid and a 2011 Escape XLT. So the both have 150k mileage. Both are in excellent condition. I need something reliable and dependable. Nothing that’ll leave me stranded. I have a 2005 Prius now and it’s given me a bad taste for hybrids, constant work on the hybrid battery. But I love the MPG ! Im leaning more towards the 2008 Hybrid but don’t want to be in the same situation as I am now. please some input would be extremely helpful !
  19. Gwebb74

    370 amp alternator

    I installed new 370 amp alt on my 2013 ford escape 2.5l but won't charge above 13.97. I'm assuming it's my pcm since that controls the regulator in these but maybe someone knows how I can fix it without going to ford and having my pcm flashed. I have drained the pcm already to let it reset
  20. Hello, I'm an owner of 2013 escape (2nd hand) buy from Canada to Ouest Africa (Burkina Faso). I need help to change radio, sync, navigation to my new location area. If possible by my self because we don't have official ford representative office here.
  21. ChicNcharge

    Miserable gas mileage

    Update: 2/1/2021 I purchased car in May, I’ve only reset gas mileage 1 time before I posted Oct 16, 2020. I’m still driving Hwy Miles to and from work. I like to use the cruise control and I slacked off using Sport Mode. I’m averaging 33.6 mpg. I love my Escape!
  22. Strikerz

    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    Hey everyone! Not sure what to do and feeling pretty raked over. Bought a 2008 escape from a dealership as is back in August 2020. I wasn't able to get it inspected due to covid-19, which was my first mistake. Now, it's January and the transmission has been slipping and randomly shifting on me so bad I can't travel with it now. It had no signs of these issues until a month or so ago, it popped while I was going up a hill. It's been a champ in every other regard except for some electrical issues. Wondering if that may be the problem? I just put my first 3k miles on it. All fluids are clean and topped off. Don't know what to do. Spent $8k cash. Anyone have any insight? My funds are limited, so I'm trying not to feel discouraged, but that's the way my guts leaning. How would the dealership have hid this problem on me? So now, if I go to sell it, I have to sell it with problems and for what... Half the price? Such a bad investment lol
  23. RJI

    Cornering lights

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking forward to tinkering with my new toy. Can anyone help me in trying to add the cornering lights to my 2018 Escape Titanium? Looks like the Titanium has cornering lights, just need brighter bulbs LOL
  24. Mixman98

    Battery Light Always On

    Hello, the battery light is always on in my 2010 Escape Limited 3.0. It has been like this for 3 months now. The alternator is charging the battery and the battery is not draining. I'm assuming it is a wire to the sensor. Anyone else ever had this issue? Thanks
  25. Mixman98

    Cargo Door Opening Measurements

    Hello, first time posting on the forum. Glad to be here. I have a 2010 Escape 2WD Limited. I was wondering if anyone knows the height and width of the opening of the rear cargo door? I need to pick up an electric range (unboxed) and the dimensions are 30" wide, 26" deep, 47" tall. I know I need to lay it down due to the height, just wondering if it will fit through the opening this way. I'm inside at work, which is why I can't measure at the moment. Thanks, Larry
  26. Hey all, while replacing the pigtails on the ignition coils on my 2006 Escape (2.3L/FWD/MT) I pushed the vacuum line (from the brake booster to the throttle body) out of the way and inadvertently broke the brittle brittle connector. I can't seem to find the right size connector and I'm not sure if it's an Escape-specific part, as the old connector is now crumbled in pieces. Has anyone replaced this and if so, what is the connector size? Thanks in advance!!
  27. Set of 4 Weathertech vent shades . one has a small break in plastic . $75.00
  28. Cargo Cover fits 2018 escape and other years $50.00
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