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  3. Grayfox

    Maximum Speed Settings

    I recently bought a 2011 Escape XLT. I've noticed on the display I sometimes get a message saying something like "Maximum Speed 80 MPH". On a recent trip I discovered that the car is indeed limited to 80 MPH. While I don't normally drive that fast, I do need the speed occasionally for passing and such. On the Interstate with a speed limit of 70 MPH, I often set the Cruise Control to 75. Doing this displays a constant message of "Vehicle near Maximum Speed" which blocks out any other displays or messages. Frankly, its a PITA. How do I go about changing the settings?
  4. A decent diagnostic reader will probably help pinpoint the problem. A failed heated oxygen sensor can cause that. Check that first. Then the plugs.
  5. Does anyone know the size and thread of the three nuts that hold down the plastic engine cover that goes over top the front cylinder head? I'm restoring an '04 Escape XLT. Someone removed that plastic engine cover and threw it in the back seat. The three nuts are nowhere to be found. It looks lik it may be a 5mm or 6mm, but nothing I have seem to fit. Could they be wing nuts?
  6. Does anyone know the size and thread of the three nuts that hold on the plastic engine cover - the one over the cylinder head. Someone removed it, stuck it in the back seat, but no bolts to be found. I'm assuming they are metric, around 5 or 6 mm.
  7. Retired. Restoring 2004 Escape XLT for my daughter.
  8. Markfnc

    2017 Escape headlights

    It was the plastic piece that the bulb plugs into, both had gone bad. Local Ford service fixed, and at the same time they fixed a recall on transmission linkage (?). I had got that letter, but it said parts were not in yet. Parts had just come in, but letters hadn't gone out yet. That was great, as it saves me a 2nd trip to do that. Great service. Crossroads Ford Apex, NC.
  9. I've gotten the dreaded P0741 error code a bunch of times. The first time it happened, I took it to a shop that wanted to put a rebuilt unit in, without checking anything out. The car runs, drives, acts totally fine. Has almost 60K miles on it. Since then, it has come on probably a dozen times. Sometimes the check engine light comes on too, sometimes it doesn't. It always goes away after a little while. The last shop I took it to said they couldn't find any real reason for the dash message. Manager there said he would rebuild it if I really wanted him to, but he said if it was him, he would drive until it showed signs of a problem or performed poorly, which is what I'm inclined to do. What gives with this craziness? Anybody here know? I've heard the Escape trans is a problem, especially the 2014, but this is insane. I'm wondering if it's not an actual transmission fault, but an electronic or sensor problem.
  10. Markfnc

    2017 Escape headlights

    Dropping off today at local Ford dealer for diagnostic. By the way this is the for dealer in Cary/Apex NC that at a point had the largest indoor show room. It might still be. It used to have over + 100 cars inside, on Friday at had 10. If i would have been there to buy a car, it would have been a sad situation.
  11. turned on car to drive home, seemed very dark. looked and lights were not working. Small light on dash that shows if headlights are on shows that they are on. had to use led adn fog lights to get home. Thought it was bulbs, but weird to both go same time and i had changed not long ago. Took it to my repair guy (already scheduled for oil change etc.) He said there are codes in the BCM, but when cleared it comes back on immediately. I've got to get to my Ford dealer. in mean time, anyone else have this issue? repair cost? is a Made in China price that will take 5 years to get?
  12. Does my new 2022 Escape to be delivered next week have cabin air filter installed ? What is number of the filter ? Thanks Dave
  13. I've worked on cars ever since I was 16. I've done practically everything you can think of, pulled a motor, upgraded turbo, exhaust stuff, ECU stuff, injectors, fuel pump, even some body painting ... the list goes on. But for some reason I can't wrap my head around installing auxillary lights. OK, power goes to the battery and ground goes to ground, but then I got lost when I hear relays, switches, fuses, etc. Anyone know of a good, simple write up on how to install aftermarket lights? (Don't worry, I would NOT) be using these on the road and blinding people). It would be much appreciated! 2006 Escape Limited BTW. Also BTW I plan on doing a roof rack with Hella 500s eventually, so this knowledge would help me in the future as well.
  14. After MANY hours troubleshooting and following suggested procedures, the cluster still refuses to occasionally receive signal stating the correct key is in use. It will start after sitting with key on for a few minutes and cycling off then back on. then the PATs recognizes the key. There are only two keys stored in the system, the original two keys which I have in hand. The PATS is not receiving signal or the IC is losing it's memory after a ten or so minute key off situation. The Forscan did nothing to help diagnose why the pats does not receive key information. Any thoughts or is this forum basically Empty?
  15. I don't know how often this forum is monitored, I submitted query last night and it's still not approved. I joined due to the urgency of this situation. And I've been using forums for well over a decade and am used to a little quicker response time. Anyhow here's the dig. 2012 Escape, 4 cylinder 46K original miles in incredible physical condition. Sat for about a year, battery dead. Replaced battery, PATS system activated, rapid flashing with key in ON position. Same with Either Key. Batteries replaced in both keys. Reset PATS by disconnecting new battery, turning key to ON position, hooking up battery, waiting until flashing PATS went off, turned key off, then turned key on and started. This worked and the car started with both keys. After about an hour, the Pats would activate again with either key it would not recognize. So I figured it the PATS transceiver around the ignition switch forgetting the RF of the key. So $63 dollars and 15 minutes of work later, there's a new transceiver and after the process resetting started again. After one hour the pats activated again. Another of her friends Sent the ECM/PCM to New York, had it inspected and apparently re flashed. Reinstalled, the keys both worked, start and run shut off over and over, but after an hour the PATS activated again because SOMETHING in the system is forgetting the RF signal between the key and the Pats, even though the key and fob both work to lock and unlock the vehicle physically and remotely and operate the ignition perfectly. Remember there's very low miles on this vehicle. So are there any thoughts on the PATS forgetting the key's RF signal after an hour and needing resetting before I haul it to the dealership and force her to spend $155 bucks for the diagnosis alone? Thanks folks, I look forward to your thoughts and questions and suggestions. Regards Gary
  16. I registered here to help a friend, I AM an ASE certified mechanic, a self taught mechanic of over 35 years experience. But the PATS system is killing me along with ANY vehicle made after 2005. The name's Gary. or FEandGoingBroke to some folks over the last 15 or so years.
  17. The PATS 2012 is Gabe Kimmie code to work the keys and then an hour later it does not recognize the key and the computer has been sent to New York verified that it’s fine and re-flashed and the transceiver have been replaced the keys have a good battery I can make it start by doing some research and then after an hour it does not recognize a key anymore who else has come across this issue?
  18. Does anyone have any idea what this little vent is for and what part is behind it? I pulled off my steering column dash to install remote start and a small metal part that says “ do not drop” was behind it but I don’t know if it’s supposed to be inserted behind that screen?
  19. I replaced the speakers on my 2001 Escape SEL with new Kicker units earlier this year. Since the front speakers were replaced with 6x8 components, I mounted the tweeters in the little sail panel in the forward area of the door. My ride had all factory speakers in the doors and with this being a 21 year old vehicle, it was natural that some of the retention parts that hold the door panels in place were very brittle and shattered while trying to put the doors together as well as the sail panels. I have no idea what the specific part number is for these things, but does anyone know of a good supplier for them? Attached is a pic of one of them.
  20. My 2001 Escape SEL has a fairly odd issue: My dash, console, and marker lights have all ceased to work with one caveat: They WILL work if I use the left turn signal, then they all blink. I noticed it one night a few weeks ago when I got into the truck to run an errand after dark. The previous night they worked fine. I did some searching and I saw something that alluded to this being caused by a relay under the hood being out, but it didn't specify which out it could be. Anyone have this issue? If it really is a relay, which one is it? Edit: I recorded a video of the problem last night to better illustrate it.
  21. fef91745

    Ignition Slow To Start

    In the last month, I noticed that when I turn the key to start the car, it takes a bit longer for the car to start, maybe 1/2 to a full second. It used to start much faster, almost instantaneously, definitely less than half a second. What could this mean? It's a 2008 Escape Hybrid w/ 120k miles. Thanks!!!
  22. Grayfox

    What does Race Star Equipped mean?

    Bear with me, my first Escape. Bought a used 2011 Escape XLT recently. There's a plate on the back that says "Race Star Equipped". Exactly what does that mean and what does it include?
  23. Grayfox

    2011 Brake light problem.

    More info: I was able to get a schematic of the lighting system. Looking at the back of the switch when mounted. Left to right Terminal 1 Violet/ white stripe goes to the brake lights. Terminals 2 &3 run the shift lock and whatever else. Terminal 4 Yellow with red stripe is power and goes directly to fuse #2. This wire is hot. I can run a jumper from terminal 1 to terminal 4 and the brake lights do come on. I've tested all 3 new switches with a multi meter. On all 3 switches terminals 2 &3 are open in the pushed position and make contact in the released position. just as they should However, terminals 1 &4 do NOT make contact in either position It keeps coming up as a bad switch. But 3 different brand new switches form 3 separate vendors all being bad? Am I missing something here?
  24. Grayfox

    2011 Brake light problem.

    I recently bought a 2011 Escape XLT. I discovered the brake lights don't work. Let me preface this by saying I'm a retired truck and equipment mechanic. While I never worked on cars much, I can generally fix whatever comes up. The principals are all the same. So I got to checking into the problem. I have power to the switch. I can run a jumper on the connector and the brakes lights do come on. Simple right, bad switch. But a new switch didn't fix it. In fact I've tried three new switches, the last one being a Ford factory switch. None of them work. I tested all 3 with a multi-meter and none are showing a connection. 🤬 Has anybody ever heard of this before or have any idea what the Hell is going on? What am I missing?
  25. Grayfox


    Just trying it out. 😉
  26. I love it so far but have no idea what I'm doing yet lol So many buttons so little time. I have a car manual in my future. Any tips for a newby like me?
  27. MarkEscaped

    New 2022

    Just bought a 2022 plug in hybrid titanium today. Hope you are all enjoying your rides?
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