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  4. I hve a 09 escape I get a check engine light for small evp leak .I have cleaned the easy fill system light is still on .Thing of putting on a lockin cap ,not sure if this willl help. I just put a rubber cap over the filler neck but code show pressure in gas tank .any ideas
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  6. I have a used 2016 Ford Escape and a few days ago I started hearing a sound sort of like you would hear when driving over road bumps coming from the back passenger side of the vehicle. When I went to pull over to see what was going on, the vehicle shut off. I let it set for a minute, and it started back up with no more thumping sounds. Here it is a week later and it just did the same exact thing. There were no warning lights of any kind. My tire isn’t loose either. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the cause/solution?
  7. I have a 2011 Escape xlt flex fuel with 103k miles which I have been having an intermittent electrical problem as of late. Upon starting the vehicle, warm or cold, I will have no odometer display, sync audio and blower fan not functioning. If I shut the ignition off and back on it will be fine. I have checked all fuses and relays to make sure they were seated properly, this vehicle is very well maintained, regular oil changes and replaced the battery within the last 4 months. Any ideas??
  8. I'm currently waiting on my build for the 2023 Escape ST-line hybrid. I placed my order on November 19, 2022. I've had different build dates to start building it beginning with February 6, February 13, February 24, March 1, March 13, and now the latest one is March 30. I'm excited but also getting agitated regarding the changes. My husband keeps me informed with the plant shutting down at one point. Hopefully it'll happen this time. It will be totally different from my 2018 Ford Escape SE. 🙂
  9. Squeaky1953

    Air Fliter

    I use anything but Fram. To each his own. My preferred is NAPA Gold, made by Wix.
  10. Squeaky1953

    Should I replace transfer case oil every 30k miles?

    If the used unit was checked and changed, it's probably ok. However, you might want to check out some videos of older Escapes having the tc oil changed. There have been problems with some. I don't know the history of them, but it could be checked by sticking a wire in it to observe the oil.
  11. Squeaky1953

    2016 Ford escape Titanium reliability

    There are many Escapes on the road w/few, if any problems. As with any auto, if it has been properly maintained it should bring many years of service. Any extended warranty is a crap shoot. Some wouldn't have a car without one. Others never. I prefer to have a cash reserve or savings account for unforeseen problems. An extended warranty is not something I have ever used on anything. My opinion only. If you feel confident that you have a good car, okay. If you will sleep better at night, get one. Peace of mind is priceless.
  12. I have a oil leak 2014 Escape, drivers side of motor...I have no idea what this is....(component) seems to be a gasket..any ideas?
  13. It's programed through the computer and the dealer has to do it. When I had my 2012 escape DRL lights turned on they charged me $100.00
  14. I have the same model... in red 🙂 I felt the same way when I first bought it Have you read or at least skimmed though the manual? That... will help A few tips: When you press the button to open the trunk make sure you press and let go right away. The tendency from experience with a non power lift gate is to push and pull it up...your trunk door will not like that 🙂 Make sure you understand the difference between driving modes EV Now etc. Make sure you use some / do some gas driving. Leaving fresh gas in your tank and never using it if you drive in EV Only mode for months at a time could leave Use the ford app. It has some usefulness like letting you know when your car is fully charged or how far long it is in charging and some other uses
  15. I purchased my Ford Escape 2022 Titanium PHEV when nobody could find one in my area... they were nearly impossible for find and I got lucky. I love the car. But I'm wondering if I should be picking on myself for not having waited to see what the 2023 version would be even though there was no announcement of changes or upgrades to the 2023 version at the time of my purchase. Now my question is: what will the new release of the 2023 model do to the resale value of my model? Will it be affected by the 2023 upgrades / additions that mine currently does not have? Surely a learning experience for me. All that said, this is really a great vehicle that I truly enjoy owning and driving. Off subject my only criticism of the vehicle is that the front end is sort of a mismatch for the rest of the vehicle visually speaking. That's all the rant I have for you today. Have a great day!
  16. I was driving along with my seatbelt on and no passengers in the vehicle. The only passenger at the time was my cellphone which was sitting on the front passenger seat next to me when I just briefly noticed a red seatbelt message that happened so quickly I couldn't read it. Could my cellphone have triggered this seatbelt notification and what would it have said (yeah I know it might have said a seatbelt was not on lol) Edit: sorry I forgot to mention this is a 2022 Ford PHEV Titanium
  17. A while ago I was looking or a cover for my 2022 Ford Escape Plugin Hybrid vehicle trunk cargo space and was having issues finding the part. I researched countless dealer for the best price which ranged from 133.00 to 299.99 (quite a gap). Here is a link to one dealer that had the best price. You'll need to take into account any freight charges or... go to your local dealer and give them this part number listed at the link below https://ford.oempartsonline.com/oem-parts/ford-cover-lj6z78550a74ac?c=az0xJnE9TEo2Wi03ODU1MEE3NC1BQg%3D%3D Note: some dealers told me they could not get this because it only comes as part of an accessory package when the vehicle is purchased... wrong 🙂
  18. Markfnc

    2014 Transmission Failure

    Would the recall I had done: have caused this? it doesn't seem like it. Recall below NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID: 22V413000 Report Date: JUN 09, 2022 Vehicles Affected: 2925968 Consequence: A damaged or missing bushing may prevent the vehicle from shifting into the intended gear, and cause the vehicle to move in an unexpected direction. Additionally, the vehicle may roll after the driver selects the 'Park' position. Either scenario increases the risk of a crash or injury. What You Should Do: Dealers will replace the under hood shift bushing and add a protective cap over the shift cable bushing, free of charge. Interim owner notification letters, informing owners of the safety risk, were mailed July 1, 2022. Remedy parts are expected to be available in 4th Quarter 2022. Owner notification letters were mailed October 27, 2022. Owners may contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332. Ford's number for this recall is 22S43. Summary: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2013-2019 Escape, 2013-2018 C-Max, 2013-2016 Fusion, 2013-2021 Transit Connect, and 2015-2018 Edge vehicles. The bushing that attaches the shifter cable to the transmission may degrade or detach.
  19. Hello everyone! I have a question about my uncle's 2009 Escape 3.0. I have been chasing a Cylinder 5 misfire on a 2009 Escape Limited. Backstory; About 2 months ago a broken oil cap caused oil to coat everything in the engine bay. Shortly thereafter, it developed a #2 cylinder misfire and a #2 injector electrical code. I tested the injector and found it to be faulty so I ordered a new injector and that fixed the problem at that time. Fast forward a few weeks, it developed another misfire. Random multiple misfire and a cylinder 5 misfire. No supporting codes. Steps I have taken and troubleshooting. New Plugs (Denso Double Platinum) New Injector Harness (Old harness was heat damaged. Insulation was broken down on wires and retaining clips were all breaking) Test and clean (electrical connection) all injectors. Replace injector O-Rings Check for vacuum leaks (carb cleaner while running and smoking intake) Clean and inspect all electrical connections under the hood. (removed any residual oil that may have crept in) Troubleshoot misfire by swapping 5 and 4 injectors. Troubleshoot by swapping 5 and 4 coils. Compression test (all cylinders within 5% of 120 psi) Checked fuel pressure pre start and post start (60 psi pre start and steady above 55psi at idle up to 3500 rpm) Inspect all coils for damage and/or wear. Checked timing chain for tension and confirm timing. Currently Cylinders 2, 5, and 6 all exhibit misfires. 2 and 6 stayed under 60 during drive cycle, 5 registered hundreds of misfires. Fuel trims (LT) are max positive on B1 (+29) and -16 on B2. Idle continuously degrades and will not clear up until a good bit of open throttle. (Highway driving is smooth) I was thinking that the timing skipped, but verified it didn't.. But I suspect it might have something to do with the VVT. I am uncertain how to begin troubleshooting the Ford VVT system. I would suspect that 1,3,5 would misfire if it were a valve timing issue... But I have seen a lot of odd issues diagnosed 180 deg. from initial hypothesis. I am hoping that some techs with more experience than I can chime in with ideas and troubleshooting ideas. thank you in advance, Epizoan
  20. JBerger

    2016 Escape Sync 3

    Yes I did! I actually joined a facebook group I believe it was called Ford Sync 3 or maybe All things sync 3 I am not exactly sure which one it was because I then deleted the group but in that group I got alot of help with it. Someone had posted a link to a site which I am so sorry I no longer have but within a couple of minutes it was up and running so definitely check out those facebook groups. They really helped me out and answered all if my questions.
  21. Hi there, I am considering purchasing a 2016 Ford Escape Titanium FWD, 95kms. It was well maintained through the dealership on a regular every 5-6 months. Can anyone assist me in the reliability of this vehicle and what issues they have? Deciding wether to purchase the extended warranty or not 🤔
  22. Markfnc

    2014 Transmission Failure

    2017 Escape Titanium with 1.5. I had the small block replaced under warranty at around 45,000 miles. now I'm at 101,000 and transmission just went haywire yesterday. whirling sound, followed by a shuddering, then couldn't find right gear. Figuring out now which local trans place to take to, to find issue and rebuild what is necessary. I've had Fords since 1992, and I'm about done.
  23. OK, so I turn the car off and start to get out when I notice a red flashing light on the dash at the lower, bottom side. Looks like a padlock. Ignition is off and key is out. It keeps blinking. What is this thing and how do I turn it off. Thanks all, B
  24. My wife and I just got a 2016 Ford Escape Titanium, and we’re having an issue where every time we get on the highway and try to speed up to match speed, we hear a ”whoosh” sound behind the dash on the passenger side (sounds like a HVAC blower going), then between 60-70 MPH a “Engine Fault/Service Now” message pops up, then the MIL comes on. I have a Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool, and the code thrown is always P0229 (turbo underboost). Has anyone else had this issue? There’s a wide array of potential problems that could lead to this issue that pop up on my scan tool, ranging from EGR system, to vacuum leak, to turbo needing replacement.
  25. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    Do they have to change the trans fluid and coolant when they replace small block?
  26. I ordered a new 2023 Advance on Nov 20th 2022. Does anyone have any idea how long I will have to wait to get my new car.
  27. 2005EscapeV6

    Motor and Trans Mount Replacement - 2005 Escape XLT

    Here is what they look like on amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L1D19LN/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  28. 2005EscapeV6

    Evap canister solenoid switch

    https://www.amazon.com/Motorcraft-CX1957-Vapor-Canister-Solenoid/dp/B000IYHCL8 I snagged an open box one on ebay a few months back for $75 but like Knotty said $100 is about what they cost. The part number for the motorcraft unit is CX1957 that fit my 2005 3.0L v6.
  29. 2005EscapeV6

    2005 3.0

    I think I found the info you are looking for in the manual. See below for location of the gray/yellow or black/pink crank sensor wires. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas!
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