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  3. Ford announced today that the second phase of construction at Michigan Central Station is underway, including restoring eight acres of masonry and repairing the steel structure of the historic Beaux-Arts building. View the full article
  4. Ford announced today that the second phase of construction at Michigan Central Station is underway, including restoring eight acres of masonry and repairing the steel structure of the historic Beaux-Arts building. View the full article
  5. Hello all. I have owned Fords before but it has been quite a while. Nothing against them, I have had an Escort, 4 Broncos at different times (67 to 91), a mustang, F150 4x4 step side, Escort wagon. My new addition is a 2011 Escape AWD XLTwith 144k miles on it that I purchased about 6 weeks ago. It has a very faint steering noise when I veer to the right. If the radio is on or the road surface is rough I cant hear it. When I veer to the left I hear a similar noise but even fainter and probably would haven't noticed it if the I hadn't heard the noise when I turn to the right. At higher speeds and I think after driving for a while I cant hear it. If its not coming from the power steering my next guess is wheel bearings. The noise is a whirring sound and seems to be coming from the passenger side. Maybe like the sound you would expect if brake pads were rubbing against brake rotors that are slightly rusted or rough but its not very loud at all. The brakes are not on when I hear the noise and when the steering is straightened the noise stops. Also, It doesn't get louder when I turn harder. I might be going to Orlando from Columbus GA this weekend and want to make sure I am not doing damage by driving it. Thanks all for any suggestions.
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  7. Ford is teaming up with Agility Robotics to explore a brand-new frontier in the world of autonomy — and a new way of thinking about how we make deliveries. View the full article
  8. Ford today unveiled the newly transformed UAW-Ford Technical Training Center (TTC), designed to provide state-of-the-art technology training to hourly employees from Ford manufacturing plants. View the full article
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    William Clay Ford Jr.

    As Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Ford Motor Company, William Clay Ford Jr. is leading the company that put the world on wheels into the 21st century. View the full article
  10. Local Ford Dealer wants $ 1600.00 for extended warranty. I have heard of some other ford dealers that sell it allot cheaper and it is the ESP from Ford not a third party. Thank you
  11. I have a 2018 Titanium. My moon roof function only raises the glass about a 1/4". I thought I had a defect. Took it into a dealership to have them check it out. They showed me a 2019 Titanium that did the same thing, thus it was designed that way. Everything moon roof that I ever had the glass would rise at least a couple of inches. Any feedback on this issue?
  12. I got a “Deep Sleep mode” message from Ford Pass (even though the car’s been garaged for only a week). No prob, it started right up. My question is, can I force it into Deep Sleep when I know I won’t be using it for a couple of weeks? Thx, -brawk
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  14. Ford, corporate sponsors and Mexico City are launching City:One Challenge Mexico City, a program that invites residents and business and community groups to propose solutions to improve mobility in Mexico City. View the full article
  15. Ford Motor Company is issuing two safety recalls in North America. View the full article
  16. Next week in Los Angeles, we are bringing together leading entrepreneurs, mayors of major U.S. cities, academics, designers, developers, and community voices for a day of important conversations around mobility and progress. View the full article
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  18. I have a 2012 with 30k miles. Last year the ac unit was replaced. Today its 40 degrees out. It sounds like the blower is on , if you put your hand over the defroster you feel heat, but it will not blow out. Also when you shut it off, it sounds like its full of sand or something. Someone told me if you push off and defrost at the same time it will give you diagnostic codes, I cant get that to happen.
  19. BigLoo

    2003 xls, no reverse lights

    I have a 2003 Ford Escape XLS 3.0, 4wd, auto The reverse lights don't come on. I do have power at the orange/yellow wire, and it I ground the black/pink wire, the lights will come on, but when I ground the same wire under the hood, they don't. The little box on the dashboard moves over the R when put in reverse, and the transmission will actually go into reverse.
  20. truenexus


    I appreciate this site. I hope to give and take here for everyone's satisfaction and delight.
  21. Hello. I just purchased a used 2010 Escape XLS 4cyl automatic. I was disappointed in finding my transmission dipstick is made of plastic. My questions are: is a plastic dipstick a stock part or is this an aftermarket, is there a Ford part steel dipstick available to replace this plastic one?
  22. TrendydNdy

    New owner

    Hi, just purchased a new 2019 black Escape SEL with Panaroof and 18” wheels. I will have new leather seats in it next week. Was not happy with imitation. Love the style and it drives great. Loved my wife’s 2013 Edge limited loaded so couldn’t resist. I hope I made a right choice.
  23. On Wednesday, May 15, Bob Shanks, Ford chief financial officer will participate in the Goldman Sachs Industrials Conference 2019 in New York. View the full article
  24. Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] will conduct its 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders at 8:30 a.m. EDT on Thursday, May 9. View the full article
  25. Ford Motor Company is expanding its GoRide Health non-emergency medical transportation business nationwide, starting with Ohio. View the full article
  26. Ford is the first automaker to work with Gravity Sketch – a 3D VR tool that enables designers to come up with more human-centric designs. View the full article
  27. Jason

    No power steering

    I have an 08 escape XLT. Someone borrowed it and when it came back there was no power steering. I did s lot of research and replaced the torque sensor. I didn't help. The steering wheel does not twitch nor is the problem inconsistent. It just doesn't have power steering. Everything I have seen online says that people have off and on problems while in turns or they have to hold the wheel to maintain center of lane, or the wheel twitches while close to full lock. Mine as far as I know went from no problems to not working. Just like loosening a power steering belt on a conventional system. Does anyone have any suggestions for my next step?
  28. Adam2003


    Hi all just bought an 03 Escape awd 3.0
  29. Changed bit to a 4 . Installed Nav.png. Updated software to 3.10. SD card will not function. Checked to make sure card was good. What next?
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