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  3. ed1946

    2020 escape front license plate

    Where are suppose to mount front license plate 2020 Escape
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    Austin Announces Winners of City:One Challenge

    After working collaboratively with residents in Austin to identify transportation challenges and propose new ways to improve mobility and increase access to health in their communities, the city of Austin announces the winning pilot proposals for the City:One Challenge™. View the full article
  6. Hi, my daughter has a 2016 Escape base that has recently developed a an issue with the car(transmission??). The car was at a stop sign and when she took her foot off the brake pedal and placed it onto the gas pedal the car 'jolted' (her words). Something similar happened to her brother when he drove the car a few days ago. She talked with her boss, who also had a Ford Escape, and he had a similar issue that turned out to be a torque converter issue. Anyone heard of this? I don't see any recalls and so far I can't find any transmission or power-train TSB's but maybe someone here has a link to one. Second issue is the ac. Sometimes when she gets in the car and turns on her ac, there isn't any cooling coming out of the dash vents. She can feel the cool air on her feet or through the defroster - just not through the dash vents. She turns the ac off/on several times, as well as switching the selector button between the dash vents, floor, defrost, etc and it eventually starts working. My gut tells me that there is some kind of issue with the blend door because I had something like this on my other Ford vehicles.Is there a TSB or recall on this? Finally, my daughter has already had to have the rear back-up camera replaced (it didn't come on sometimes) and now that seems to be working. However, the actual radio will not come on sometimes? She hits the button to turn it on and nothing - it looks and acts dead. No lights, the screen is blank/off, no sound - nothing. Most times it works fine -just has the problem once in a while. Anyone know of/about or have any experience with this issue? Again, if there are any TSB's please let us know because we couldn't find any. My daughter is taking it to the dealer and if the issue doesn't happen when the vehicle is there, they usually blow you off. Having a TSB or two would be very helpful.
  7. Ford Motor Company’s actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and contribute to development of the low-carbon economy have earned it a place on CDP’s Climate ‘A List’ for climate change for the first time. Ford is among 35 American companies recognized this year. View the full article
  8. Christen

    This Forum

    I just got an Escape handed down to me to get in running order for my son, but this forum doesn't seem very active. Is there another forum that is THE one where everyone goes>. Just curious.
  9. Earlier today I had an issue where the oil light on the dash came on when I was stopped. It was steady, did not flash or blink, then shut off when I hit the gas. I was using 4wd at the time. I did check and add a little bit of oil later this afternoon, as it was running lower. Considerations: I did not hear any rumbling or other abnormal sounds. This is the second time this happened since I owned this truck- both times were in the morning when it was around 25 degrees F outside. Last time it stopped in the afternoon and didn’t happen again until today. I suspect a sensor problem but am not sure. Anyone else have similar issues?
  10. Hello, I am the owner of a 2015 Ford Escape S. My battery died a couple of months ago and ever since my clock settings have been off and I had been unable to reset it manually. I finally took it to the dealer this week and they needed to perform an APIM reset since there was a hard fault in the system. They charged me $280 for this work. When I asked why the price was so high they mentioned that it involved a pin point test of all of the different modules (HVAC, navigation, compass, etc.) Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering now if there was something I could have done on my own to avoid this costly trip to the dealer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. vfjunster

    Active Park Assist Fualt??

    hi all, nice to meet you and feels good to be part of this forum. i own a 2019 ford escape: titanium edition i was stopped on the HOV lane in staten Island and i get hit from behind from some small Toyota. the ford was fine but his car was so low that it went under my ford and his front got messed up big time. i get out to assess the damage and the lower part of my bumper is cracked from end to end. the black hard plastic part.. sorta looks like a skirt... it sits on the lower and of the rear bumper. also now on my console.... the park button stays light "OFF" and when i press the park assist button, a warning comes upn saying there was a fualt then car symbol shows up with a 3redndot on it.. (see photos) the backup cam works fine. any ides what this could be? or how to fix? could it be the sensors?
  12. Bluefever

    Idatalink Question?

    I was wondering if anyone had swapped out the navigation stock head unit in a first gen escape? I have an 07 Mariner Hybrid that has the factory navigation. Their website says 08 and up. I'm looking for something that will let the aftermarket head unit talk to the factory modules.
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  14. Once lost, now found and restored to their original glory, a pair of historic experimental Shelby Mustangs are being revealed at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. View the full article
  15. I have a 2016. Replaced the rear rotors and pads about 4k miles ago and their starting to rust already. They are Brembo pads and rotors so they are not cheap. Could this be a brake bias issue front to back? Or are the factory calipers just a piece of crap. I also have a 2013 Fusion that does the same thing!!
  16. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and Ford Motor Credit Company will release their 2019 fourth quarter and full year financial results at 4:05 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 4. View the full article
  17. The new Ford Performance Parts winch by Warn comes with 12,000 pounds of winching power and will be available as a factory-orderable option or dealer-installed after-sale accessory for both gas and diesel-powered Super Duty Tremor pickups. View the full article
  18. Dilborg

    Roof Racks

    Also, you can and should remove the Wind deflector regularly to clean up all the debris that collects behind. If you don't it will rust out the roof where the deflector sits.
  19. Dilborg

    Roof Racks

    The Ford Escape NBX (No Boundaries Package). They made this for some 2005 models. I was in the same position as you, saw it in a yard, looked cool, took it home. The additional rack in this picture is a very expensive crap. It wont hold anything as heavy as a tire and will cause significant wind resistance. You need to either remove the bumber and bumber molding as well, or create your own clips on your bumber or just let the rack smack your bumber. Other good to knows . . .the holes don't line up. You will need to drill new holes and patch the old ones. Easiest way to install this is if you are replacing your headliner already. I wouldn't recommend this kind of upgrade if you have a moonroof or intend to carry long items like a canoe because it will rest on the wind breaker. I installed this and have a cargo holder box just behind it and two tilted beams to either side. So the wind deflects over the box and beams.
  20. Thank you. I saw this exact part on eBay and it lists it as part for 2013-2018 escape. So I’ll get that and see how it works.
  21. After weeks of total frustration and no help from my local dealer, I purchased Ford part # CM5Z-13832-A . This is 2 horns, wiring and bracket. After bending the bracket and an hour of fiddling, it works. Finally a real, dual horn that people can actually hear. Note this is on my 2020 Escape. I do not know if will work on other models. I saw pictures of it on the internet and bought it on one of the internet sites. I hope that this will help others and that Ford will respond. No one can hear the cheap single horn that is on the SUV.
  22. Following this topic. My son bought his first vehicle 2017 escape titanium. But both of us feel the horn belongs on a go-cart instead. Has anyone done a replacement to a larger and 2 tone horn. If so what did you put in and how easily was installation (we are looking for something that is not to excessive a project) I am fairly handy but this will be a learning project for him now that he has gotten the basic car maintenance skills mastered.
  23. The 2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty will tackle winter’s worst weather with the heaviest snow plow rating in the segment. View the full article
  24. While enthusiastic customers await the return of the upcoming Ford Bronco 4x4, engineers are hard at work ensuring it is ready to take on the wild. View the full article
  25. Ford today kicks off its multi-channel national ad campaign for the all-new Escape, which features more space, smart new driver-assist technologies and a new hybrid powertrain option for class-leading EPA estimated fuel economy. View the full article
  26. Rick Rickoff

    Can't see the cruise controls at night

    The steering wheel cruise control buttons work fine in my 2004 Mazda Tribute, but when driving in darkness I can't see them. Are they supposed to be illuminated like all other functions? If so, does this mean that bulbs or LED's need to be replaced in the wheel, and if so then how does one gain access to them?
  27. Rick Rickoff

    Can't see the cruise controls at night

    The steering wheel cruise control buttons work fine in my 2004 Mazda Tribute, but when driving in darkness I can't see them. Are they supposed to be illuminated like all other functions? If so, does this mean that bulbs or LED's need to be replaced in the wheel, and if so then how does one gain access to them?
  28. The board of directors of Ford Motor Company today declared a first-quarter regular dividend of 15 cents per share on the company’s outstanding Class B and common stock. View the full article
  29. Agility Robotics is launching Digit, a robot with arms and legs to work with humans and in human spaces, for commercial sale; and, Ford Motor Company is the first customer, receiving the first two robots off the line. View the full article
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