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  3. Knottynuts

    Wheel swap?

    Possibly as I think 15" and 16" were both factory options BUT... it depends on the tires you using. The 2009/10 for example came with 16" rims with 235/70/16 tires or 17" rims with 225/65/17 tire. With that situation both options with keep your speedometer showing the right speed, and ABS and traction control will operated properly because the over all wheel (tire and rim) diameter is the same.
  4. Knottynuts

    2010 steering wheel swap?

    The steering wheel isn't enough; you need to have a compatible clock spring (in the steering column), wiring and radio for the radio to be controlled via the steering wheel. However, regarding the phone, the Bluetooth system has to be paired with a compatible phone first and then that phone has to have it's Bluetooth on and be within range for the phone button to work.
  5. Shaun

    2010 steering wheel swap?

    I have a 2010 escape xlt v6 fwd it only has the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. I am wondering what steering wheel if any I can upgrade to that would have the radio controls on it. Also, my stereo has a phone button ... but no matter what I do to try to set up my phone it just says ' no phone '. Is this normal?
  6. What would it take to add a front view camera to the 2020 Ford Escape? Thanks!
  7. AstroMama

    2020 hybrid driver seat discomfort

    I also experience this! It’s a small item compared to the long list of other issues I have so I haven’t raised the problem yet. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. It’s soooo unpleasant to sit on for any extended period!
  8. Hello! I bought a brand new 2021 Escape Titanium Hybrid just over a month ago and honestly, I’m so disappointed. I was so excited to finally own a brand new vehicle but since taking ownership it has had to have a faulty door panel replaced, the blind spot indicators constantly malfunction (with no fix as of yet), currently waiting on a part to have the rear door lock system replaced as it currently doesn’t lock, the cup holder has completely fallen apart, the screen constantly freezes and locks up…. It’s so disappointing. Is this common with this vehicle? This is my first Ford product ever and I’m not sure if I just got a lemon or if this is par for the course? I wish I could go back in time and buy a different vehicle but hey… the deal was done. I’d love to hear some input on this or if I have unrealistic expectations of a $46,000 vehicle. It’s very stressful to have a vehicle that does not secure and all items have to be removed every single time I drive. It’s pretty crazy in my opinion. If this is how things are in the first few months what will happen when the warranty runs out? Is there any recourse for me or am I stuck? Thanks in advance for all your input… this is a whole new world for me and frankly I feel totally overwhelmed by it all.
  9. raysel

    17 in wheel for 21 Escape

    I have a 21 Escape SEL with the 18 in wheel. Would the 17 in wheel for the 2021 or earlier years also fit?
  10. About 2 years ago, I changed out the hi pressure hose on my steering pump and a few days ago it failed, not the hose, but the o-ring that connects to the rack due to it being pinched during installation, surprised it lasted that long as bad as it was pinched. I pulled the line off and replaced the o-ring and drove it for roughly 100 miles, and now it's failed again. after inspection, it didn't seem to be pinched this time, I'm wondering if this might be a common problem with this connection which I don't like. Does anyone know of a modification for this set up? Thanks in advance for comments / suggestions.
  11. Skid

    Wheel swap?

    I have a 2002 Escape with 16" wheels. Can I put 15" wheels on it with no problem?
  12. Skid

    New Here...

    Thanks for having me...I'm out of Detroit Mi. Just bought a pretty nice 2002 Escape, so I'm here to learn all I can about these vehicles...
  13. DMilla

    Cloth Seat Upholstery Interchangeability.

    The 2013 through 2019 seat bottom foam pads are nearly identical allowing for an easy upholstery swap:
  14. DMilla

    Cloth Seat Upholstery Interchangeability.

    Completed the project. 2019 Seat bottom removed, upholstery removed from the seat cushion, and hog-ringed the 2013 seat upholstery onto the 2019 seat bottom cushion. The 2013 seat bottom cushion probably would have fit, but I didn’t want to encounter any issues, so I grafted the 13 upholstery onto the 19 cushion. Everything went back together smoothly.
  15. RJI


    3 Years old and cleans up well. Aftermarket grill insert, Pinstripe and 4 coats of Ceramic polish. Bought it with 32000 miles and less than 3 years old. Had Sync 3 problems and after 4 trips to the dealer it was corrected with new GPS module. Also a few other minor warranty items that the dealer took care of. Replaced the Michelin Latitude tires at 1/2 tread. They howled so bad I thought I had a bad bearing. Replaced with Goodyear Comfort Drive. Extremely quiet, great ride and handles wet roads very well. I replaced the gray grill with a Black aftermarket overlay. It fit perfect and seems like very high quality. Just my choice for color. I added pinstripe at the body line to off set the flat sides Finally I clay barred the car and gave it 4 coats of ceramic polish. It improved the depth look of the pain. Time will tell on how long it last. This is my first Ford in a long time and now that the bugs are worked out, I am very happy with it. I have tried the things like park assist, advance cruise, rain sensitive wipers, lane correction and more, and they work as advertised, but I have turned some off. Gas mileage is not what I think it should be at 18 city and around 25 city. But I do like the power and smoothness. of the 2.0 turbo. I think the stop start with its disconnect switch is a nice feature , except it rarely works. Dealer says that is normal, but I have driven many with it and they work fine. Comfort gets high marks except for the front seat back which has a pillow effect near the top and having a bad disc, it aggravates my back. Right now I an trying different pads to cushion my back.
  16. JulanMastrow

    Which remote is it?

    I don't agree with the sayings shared by automotive locksmith above at all.
  17. DMilla

    Cloth Seat Upholstery Interchangeability.

    Cleaned with my extractor and ready to install.
  18. DMilla

    Cloth Seat Upholstery Interchangeability.

    I ordered a seat bottom cushion (pictured) off a 2013 model and it’s a perfect match for my 2019 seat bottom! Next step will be to clean and swap the to bottom out for the one in my Escape and it’ll be good as new.
  19. Hi, I just purchased a 2003 Escape V6 and the power is really poor. I have to make an appointment to pass a car. Can any of you with a similar vehicle tell me what your experience is relative to acceleration? Thanks.
  20. Hello all, I just purchased a 2012 Escape XLS with only 28k on it. So far I'm liking it but I'm concerned about the noise it has when stopped in drive. Sounds like a whine that goes away when put in neutral. A/C doesn't affect the noise either on or off. Not sure about the service history on this vehicle but it appears that it spent a lot of time idling and used in one location all these years. It is a former government vehicle, possibly a security vehicle judging by the light bar marks and hole in the roof. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe just needs transmission serviced?
  21. I have a 2019 Escape S in need of a new OEM Driver Seat Bottom Cover. The “S Model” cloth seat covers look to be identical between a number of years (2013-2019). Anyone know the seating upholstery interchangeability between years?
  22. I have a 2015 ford escape se 1.6 ecoboost with awd. It has 147,000 miles. Second owner, had it since about 60,000 miles and june of 18. Car has performed flawless. I even tow a small trailer with our dirt bikes a lot. Yesterday,i changed the battery i removed entire airbox and intake duct to get access. It was the orm battery and while it was still working i noticed some slow starting at time and ts summer so i didn't want to get stuck somewhere. Anyway, got everything back together and the dash is flashing an error code and dinging. It say "transmission fault service now". I unhooked battery for an hour, still there. But its only on the dash. My code reader says "no codes" It runs and drives no different. I looked for maybe breaking a line or hose while putting batter back in. The airbox is a tight fit. But i didnt readily ser anything I have tried a couple different transmission reset procedures but non have worked. Any ideas? Thanks, Gerald
  23. RJI

    windshield reflection

    Make sure you don't use any gloss coatings like Armor all. Next, Get a dash pad in a dark color like black. It will absorb the reflection and allow much better vision
  24. I have a horrible knocking sound in the engine. CEL codes displayed misfire in cylinder 1 . took off both belts too see if it was that and it was not. ran a compression test and got compression in the range of 145 to 180. most tests were 150is except two cylinders. some squeaking sounds when the engine is first started. a lot of oil in the COP wells covering the spark plugs. what could be the issue? I plan on fixxing up the suv as a project.
  25. Jamie

    I’d Vacuum hose

    I have a 2017 Titanium escape with 2.0L ecoboost engine and about 43k miles. Had a code P0303 and after researching decided to change the plugs. The #3 was exceptionally hard to remove. So far no code but in the replacement process I broke off the small vacuum hose nipple on the intake manifold, pictured below. Does anybody know what that is for? I tried JB weld and it didn’t bond to the broken piece. Trying to work out a new fix because I’m sure the intake is 500-1000 to replace. thanks
  26. Drivers door power window controls not working....can control windows on each door except drivers door...no mirror adjustment or interior lights as well....checked the f60 10amp fuse and its fine....is there something else Im missing?
  27. a4dp

    Mysterious oil leak

    I have a 2013 Escape with the 1.6 Ecoboost. I noticed about a 6-8" oil spot in my driveway when I got home yesterday, but it doesn't seem to be actively leaking. The spot wasn't there the day before because I periodically check to see if there are any drops of oil in the driveway. There was fresh oil on the part I circled. There was no oil on the top or sides of that. The oil filter was on plenty tight. Any clues to what this mysterious leak could be?
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