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  3. dude

    took the plunge on a hybrid

    30+ year ford guy here.. have had several escapes but not a hybrid. very impressed with the overall vehicle. still getting used to the ride but loving the mpg.. 39.6 so far with 94 miles!! so ill be lurking around and posting from time to time..
  4. Dave54303

    2005 escape gas gauge problem

    hello I got a 2005 Ford escape XLT v6. before I was having a problem where the gas gauge kept dropping the E and the check engine light would come on and it would give the p463 code. so I tried a new fuel pump and tried a different cluster and I get the same results.
  5. Earlier
  6. Noob here. Seeking help. The engine in my 2008 Ford Escape XLS 2.3l is shot and no longer usable. I live on Guam in the Pacific and it is difficult to fine a donor car with the same year, make, and model. I understand that there are other Ford vehicles which may have compatible engines. Tried calling the local Ford dealer and couldn’t get any help from them so thought I’d try here. The part number for the engine is 8L8Z 6007B. Any help that you all can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Markfnc

    Hello from NC

  8. Steven0818

    Bumper/Grill clips/screws?

    Yes the eclipse should be standard issue Ford bumper clips and the bolts are grade 8 1-1/4
  9. Steven0818

    loss of power in the engine

    Have you looked into your MAF, (mass air flow sensor) O² sensors, cam and/or crankshaft sensors?
  10. You are so welcomed. Ty for asking for my help. Like to know how it works out for you. Keep in touch.
  11. Charlie

    Not to many replies to questions

    I noticed that too.. must be a ford thing..
  12. Thanks for the response! I’m afraid I’ll have to replace my tank too. Called Ford and they said there isn’t a grommet between the tank and filler hose. I may try to use a gas tank repair kit and see if it will seal the leak. Thanks again for the help!
  13. Just want to add I'm not sure if $200 was good labor deal, I know a shop would have wanted more and prob wouldn't have let me bring in my own gas tank buy. I bought gas tank evening dec 30th. Guy came put in during day of dec 31st. In time for the new year celebration which always includes fireworks around here and I was afraid something might roll underneath where fumes were escaping and something "big" would happen. Idk if was legit concern for me but I will always be thankful to the guy who took the time to help me out at that time because a lot of people would have just been sitting around waiting for the new year to come, so ty ty ty.
  14. Yes. Had filler hose replaced first but still leaked. Ended up replacing gas tank. sending you picture of gas tank yellow lip. I had cleaned it up prior to putting on just new filler hose. I was hoping that area to left was not a crack, but it was. I was just so determined not to replace gas tank. Anyways found a gas tank at an auto parts (junk yard) who pulls for you. Cost $90 with year warranty. Friend of friend put in for $200. If hadn't replaced just filler hose prior could have prob used same old one. Having the filler hose replaced in beginning cost me $100 for part and labor which prob was unnessarry or maybe not. Maybe new filler hose was good idea too but if had done at same time could have saved $50.
  15. Did you ever figure this out? I’m dealing with the exact same problem.
  16. Hi, I have an escape 2014 1.6 SE, and I have noticed a loss of power in the engine for some time. Any ideas?
  17. Markfnc

    What color Escape did you buy?

    2017 Titanium White Gold
  18. Markfnc

    Hello from NC

    I bought a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium last night for driving to and from work. Gold with tan leather seats. Has the 1.5 L turbo. Had 32,000 miles. Previous car was a 2013 Taurus SEL, that has 226,000 miles (bought in 2015). Car before that was a 2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer (bought in 2008) that my son drives and it has 245,000 miles. We also just sold a 2005 Ford Freestar Mini van that had 205,000 that we had for 15 years. Took my son from 1st day of Kindergarten to moving into college last fall. I hope this is a good forum with good info.
  19. tack

    Sour smell

    I just bought a 2014 Escape SE with 92K. I noticed a sour milk smell in the morning when I first open the door. It goes away after I start driving. I checked all the carpets for moisture and all dry. Any ideas? Possible air conditioner problem? Thanks.
  20. MikeHTally

    What color Escape did you buy?

    Magnetic Metallic. Not normally a fan of dark-colored cars in the Florida sun, but I love the color. The light interior and a shady spot at work help a bunch.
  21. MikeHTally

    Can't get tpms to program

    Usually, you just need to drive it a bit for them to sync up. That's what my Mazda and the wife's 300C needed.
  22. John08007

    Can't get tpms to program

    Seriously, no one knows anything about this?
  23. linvilleDave

    Rearview camera snafu

    Just purchased a 2020 Escape Titanium. When I put it in reverse, the camera comes on, but there are no guidlines. Service dept. said I needed to change settings. No such animal. Anyone have a similar problem? Thanks in advance.
  24. I have a 2010 Ford Escape that has a left front brake that is slow to release. The amount of time it takes to release increases as the brake gets hot. I have replaced the caliper, which included new slide pins. But the problem is still there. The rubber brake hoses appear to be in good shape. I did a thorough bleed when I replaced the caliper, so the fluid at the caliper should be good as well. Any ideas on what to check next. The caliper and /or slide pins have always been the problem in the past on my other vehicles, so I am at a loss right now. Thanks for any advise you can give.
  25. The driver side pretensioner on my 2007 Escape just took a dump and I’m looking for best ways to either repair it or site to look for replacing it. Any tips? Thanks!
  26. justrelaxing

    What color Escape did you buy?

    just purchased 2020 Escape in Blue
  27. I just purchased a 2020 Foef Escape SEL. I also just got 2 kayaks. Is there a particular j hook or other type of carrier for kayaks? I do have the rail side bar with cross bars.
  28. Ricklin6

    New member with a question

    Hello, I’m Rick , with a newly acquired 2012 Ford Escape Limited. Really like this vehicle but I have a question about towing. I installed a hitch that I had previously on a Mercury Mariner. Fit perfect. I am looking at the trailer wiring I need. This car did not have a tow package according to the VIN. But if I look under the rear bumper on the drivers side there is a plug that comes down from the access hold to the taillight, but does not connect to anything. Is that a trailer wiring plug? Thanks for any insight.
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