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  2. UAW and Ford executives shake hands today at Ford World Headquarters to begin negotiations for the 2019 contract. View the full article
  3. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and Ford Motor Credit Company will release their 2019 second quarter financial results at 4:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 24. View the full article
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  5. Jim Gillis


    New from Massachusetts.
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  7. I replaced the plugs and coil packs on my 2001 v6 and was wondering what the labor time is for this job in a shop. I have looked online and have not found the actual shop time. Those of you that have done this job know that it requires removing the upper intake manifold to access the 4, 5 and 6. spark plugs. It can be done, but lots of parts to remove. Hope to keep this thing going for another 260,000 miles!
  8. Aross777

    NEW HERE. Long time owner

    Hello all. I have a 2013 SE 2.0 and a 2001 XLT 4wd V6. 93,000 miles on my 13, 260,000 miles on the 01.
  9. Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety recall for select 2019 Ranger SuperCab vehicles for the right-front seat belt. View the full article
  10. Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG today announced they are expanding their global alliance to include electric vehicles. View the full article
  11. Patagualian

    Low Tire Pressure Indicator

    Hi Capt Tom, Well, as I understand it, there is no TPMS sensor in the "emergency" spare wheel, so yes, the warning light will illuminate. Mine is lit too...thanks to a tire replacement "mechanic" who destroyed the sensor.....(And the local Ford Dealer has no clue as to how to replace it or re-program the sensor....as is required, I gather, from YouTube videos on the subject.) Anyway, I assume you have now refitted the original wheel & the light has self-extinguished???? Cheers, Steve
  12. Patagualian

    Engine Fan Runs @ Max Constantly

    Hi there, Mmmm Sorry for the delay in replying but at that time my problem was related to the compressor clutch kicking in for no apparent reason. Now, today...I have the same problem as you had.... Both AC Condenser Fan and the Engine cooling fan both run at full speed when the car is started. Even when the engine is cold and with the AC Off. (The intermittent engaging of the AC Compressor clutch is still happening.) I am reluctant to take it to a dealer. (I have been ripped off recently by the company who changed my tires, they damaged a tire pressure sensor, although they denied it initially, they have since admitted they must have but say the local Ford Dealer does not know how to rectify it!) Anyway... did you locate the cause of the incorrect fan operation? Be grateful if you could advise! (As regards the blower (cabin) motor & its "speed" resistor: It should have NO effect on the engine fan(s) operation. I replaced a blower motor in a Kia recently, after first suspecting the resistor...but the resistor had continuity over its terminals, so it had to be the motor...brushes worn out, as evidenced by the amount of carbon/copper dust that came out of it!) Kind regards, Steve.
  13. 70Eliminator

    2008 VS 2010 Escape Wiring Query

    Hi All, I am replacing a Hatch on my 2010 Escape XLT with one from a 2008 Escape Limited. The hatch handle is in a different location, does that change any of the wiring in any way? I am in the middle of swapping harnesses and am seeing an obvious difference with regards the lower handle on the 2010. Will I need to reroute any wires to make this change work or are there any wires that become obsolete? Any information would be appreciated. If there are any diagrams that are available, I would appreciate them too. I also have wiring pieces from the 2008 that may be used in this process if necessary. Thanks for your time and assistance. Best Regards, 70Eliminator
  14. The Board of Directors of Ford Motor Company declared a third quarter regular dividend of $0.15 per share on the company’s outstanding Class B and common stock. View the full article
  15. Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG will provide an update on their global alliance, which was announced in January. View the full article
  16. Ford teams up with Heroes to Hives to provide a unique and therapeutic beekeeping program to local veterans View the full article
  17. The board of directors of Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) today elected Beth Mooney as a director, effective immediately. View the full article
  18. Ford Super News Ticker

    Beth Mooney

    Beth E. Mooney was elected to the Ford Motor Company board of directors in 2019. She serves on the Audit and Nominating & Governance committees. View the full article
  19. While doing some Auto stereo work I shorted something out. Car will start and go into reverse only. Check engine light is on and my ODB2 reader is giving me 9 Codes as follows P0010 - Camshaft position actuator A Bank 1 circuit Malfunction P0020 - Camshaft position actuator A Bank 2 circuit Malfunction P0102 - MAF or VAF A circuit low input P0135 - O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 1) P0141 - O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction (Bank 1 sensor 2) P0155 - O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction (Bank 2 sensor 1) P0161 - O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction (Bank 2 sensor 2) P0403 - EGR flow circuit malfunction P0443 - EVAP emissions control system purge valve C fault These are generic codes taken from my ODBC2 reader documentation. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Robert Low
  20. Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety recall on select 2012 and 2017 Focus vehicles equipped with 2.0-liter GDI engines and 2013-14 Focus ST vehicles equipped with 2.0-liter GTDI engines. View the full article
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  22. Three months since the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London, results of a year-long trial in the U.K. capital suggest that plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) commercial vehicles could present the most practical, readily available option for businesses trying to meet clean-air targets in cities. View the full article
  23. I have a 05 AWD, need to r&r tranny and torque converter, is it possible to do so without removing the rear exhaust manifold?
  24. Ford and Multimatic today reveal at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the Ford GT Mk II, a limited-edition, track-only GT that represents the next stage in Ford GT performance. View the full article
  25. Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) today reported its second quarter 2019 U.S. sales results. View the full article
  26. gmach3

    Hi there

    I'm new to this forum, but a long time Ford owner. My wife drives the 13 Escape SE with the 1.6 ecoboost that we got in 15 is a Blue Oval Certified used, but we're a Ford family. Mine is a 98 Ranger with 250K, my boys drive a 12 Fusion and an 09 MKZ AWD. Nevermind my daughter has a Nissan..... The Escape is about to end extended warranty at 100K, so now I'm looking at making some changes to it now I'll be poking around a lot, and maybe have a question here or there along with helping out those that I can.
  27. Ford Super News Ticker

    Statement on the Death of Lee Iacocca

    The following statement is attributable to Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company. View the full article
  28. Oscar Soubiron

    Luces de cortesia

    Buenas tardes a todos y gracias por aceptar mi integración a este medio y mis disculpas si equivoco el sitio. Soy un feliz propietario de un Ford Escape 2011 y me gusta hacerle cositas (cuelgo fotos) pero desde hace unos dias no encuentro informacion para poder conectar un accesorio en sus 4 puertas. Busco 12v y solo lo encuentro en el bloqueo de ventanas. Y lo nesecito de las luces de swichs en las puertas. Desde ya muchas gracias.
  29. Duhbee

    Panoramic Sun Roof Insulation

    Hi this is my first time posting, have a question about my 2019 Escape and wondered if anyone had an answer. I purchased my Escape in January this year, it was 20 below and had no issue with the sunroof, but the first warm days here in Central Illinois I noticed that the sun roof screen has no insulation, so when I get in the vehicle from about shoulders up it is like an oven, and takes forever to cool down. Has anyone else had this issue and did you come up with a fix? This is my second Escape, my first was a 2010 it lasted 10 years, still running, and never had an issue with anything, so when i looked for a vehicle I knew what I wanted.
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