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    4x4 problem

    New member to forum and hoping someone else has had this problem. 2008 escape limited 4x4 3.0 engine. About one month ago wrench light starting turning on intermittantly, now this last week the light is staying on all the time. According to owner's manual the wrench light is for powertrain related concerns. Took to ford dealer for diagnosis because my escape has certified pre owned warranty and will cover powertrain related items or so I thought. Before I took to dealer, I stopped at autozone and had them scan it and it had code U0114 4x4 control module communication error. Ford dealer calls me and says light is not on, which is strange because it was on the whole way there that same day. I told them to let is sit for a few hours and redrive it and light came on for them. Escape needs 4x4 control module and it is not covered by certified pre owned warranty. In my warranty booklet, the engine control module would be covered if it were bad, but the transfer case module is not. Am i way off base for thinking that the module that controls the transfer case which is a powertrain component should be covered by warranty? I fought with ford on the phone for a half hour trying to get some clarification as to why this module is not covered under warranty. Talked to two different women and was told it is not a covered component, but if would have purchased a higher level warranty it would have probably be covered. Can someone help me with the following items? -Can i dipute this with ford or at least talk to someone who can explain to me why they will cover an ecm but not a tcm -If I were to replace this module myself, is it plug and play or does it have to be programmed to vehicle Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.