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    Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

    Happy holidays everyone! I'm not the biggest gear head that has ever written on this forum, but thought I'd share what I learned with my problem. I have a 2005 Ford Escape (4x4, 3.0L Duratec). It popped the code P0193 ( Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit high input....which I'll refer to as FRPS). After multiple people told me different things, i.e., location of problem, parts and tools needed to replace the issue, and various other suggestions, I ended up going to a Ford dealership and buying it from them. It was $125 for the part and, for my own curiosity, it would have been $276 for labor to do the job plus the price of the FRPS. All said and done, we spent no more than 10 minutes to do this job and we were done. Forgive me if I don't know all the technical names of the pieces below. For those of you that don't own your own mechanics shop and are not mechanically saavy, this is what you do to fix this: 1. Unplug the negative terminal connector (black one, NOT red) from the battery and set aside between two pieces of plastic. Just make sure it doesn't touch medal. Doing this will also reset your check engine light as well. 2. Unplug the fuel pump fuse (see the owner's manual for location...I didn't take a picture of it) 3. Start vehicle and run it until it dies to relieve pressure. 4. Unscrew to bolts inside the red circle. 5. Disconnect the electrical attachment 6. Disconnect hose on back of Pressure Sensor. 7. Once everything is disconnected, pull straight up on piece. Be sure to pull up with a little effort, it has a snug fit. Of note, you will see gasoline when you lift up the FRPS so be careful so as not to let debris fall in there. 8. Install new FRPS and reconnect hoses 9. Put the fuel pump fuse back in. 10. Reconnect negative battery terminal 11. BEFORE YOU START THE VEHICLE, you need to prime it. Do this by turning the key in the ON position and wait a few seconds for the fuel pressure to build back up and turn and then turn it off. Do this 3-5 times then start your vehicle. Even reading this step-by-step, it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes total. It's VERY EASY. Best of luck to you and hope this helps.
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    Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor

    Pictures on how to replace the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor, error code P0193