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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong location to post this but.. I have a 2005 Escape that the transfer case was replaced in and I just noticed a vacuum line wasn’t hooked back up to.. don’t know if the TC was the same year or older/newer... and to make matters worse I don’t know if the line comes form the TC or the transmission??? Somewhere in that vicinity for sure. It is a 3.0L engine and this fitting is down low just beside the trans dipstick.. looking for any information at all.. 055BB73F-BA81-4069-B22C-5A4EC6324F0D.thumb.jpeg.2d2fa3e7b468c1d92723bd19ad6ec506.jpegand thanks sooooo much!!!!

  2. Hope I have this issue on the proper topic page. My 2012 Escape Limited 3.0 v6 runs great, but recently the radio will cut out for a second then the stability and traction control lights will both come on for approx 30 seconds and then go out. I tried to pull any codes off the computer but nothing shows up? Any idea what could be going on??