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    Oil Warning Indicator At Idle In Gear Flickers

    Is this forum even active?
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    2008 Hybrid

    just check the fuses in the panel near driver or passengers feet, and you will have your problem solved.
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    Welcome, jlentriken

    Hi, thanks for the welcome! Hopefully i can get my issue in the thread i posted relatively quickly. Thanks
  4. Having some issues with my ford. I recently purchased it with a wrecked gearbox - I've learned its was an issue with the years model. I put a new box in, no dramas, but when i gave it a general service, i put in factory spec oil. First 5w20, then i realised the Australian delivered model says 5w30. I realised this when at idle in gear at operating temperatures, and sometimes in neutral or park, the oil light flickers on. Naturally i quickly changed the oil to the 5w30, new oil filters both times. The issue persisted, so i talked to a few other mechanics and they suggested putting in 10w40 as its not a new car after all. (about 200k km on the clock). The problem persists though! its much better, but when in gear at idle it still starts to flicker on and off. Now prior to the oil change it wasn't happening. So I'm not sure whats going on? Ive seen many people have this issue online, but no fixes. Any ideas? Other than the oil light it runs great. 2002 Ford Escape Auto