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    Rear axel noise

    I own a 2003 Ford Escape XLS 4x4 V6. There is a switch that I can turn to "Auto" or "4x4" . When I turn the switch to 4x4 everything works fine. However, I noticed that when I reversed the car and turned I hear a loud clunk/bang sound. It makes that sound almost every time I reverse and turn. It did make it a couple of time after going forward and turn from the reverse and turning but not often. When the car is moving forward and driving at any speed when the switch is turned to the 4x4 there are no issues and no noise. When I turn the switch back to Auto there are no issues or sounds going forward or reverse or turning. It only happens when the switch is turn to the 4x4 and reversing and turning the SUV. I still have warranty on the car and want to find out if this is normal or what may be wrong before taking it in to the dealership. Thank you!