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  1. Hey All - First time poster but been lurking for awhile. Recently purchased a 2005 Escape XLT 4WD with only 68,000 miles - original first owner claims to have wanted to sell it because it was too costly to replace the faulty alternator (Bad diodes) , complete brake replacement and motor mounts. So.....I knew I had to go through all that when I got it - brakes were nearly completely worn down - easy enough to change. Alternator was real fun - shopped around myself on that and it was around 700 to 1000 in labor! Went ahead and did it myself - took probably 10 hours or so and was probably the most difficult alternator change out I've ever done - the alternator was about $140 for a Duralast Gold. Which leads me to this post....motor mounts...never done 'em, don't know how many there are on this vehicle...I'm assuming 4? Front left Front Right Rear Trans Is that right? How hard are they to change on this vehicle? Thanks!