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  1. Hello, My girlfriend has a 2001 Ford escape and whenever it shifts gears, accelorates, or hits a bump the car will steering wheel will go loose and the entire car will jerk to either the left or right side. I've since replaced lower both control arms and ball joints, both tie rods (inner and outer), wheel bearings, sway bar links, and cv axles. Nothing has solved the problem. I've gone through and reinspected everything and re torqued everything to be sure it's all in spec. The drive side cv axle popped out of the joint when replacing the driver side control arm but I was able to spin the rotor and get it to pop back in place. Idk if that could be the problem but it was still doing it when I first replaced them. I'm at a complete loss right now so any ideas/info would be greatly appreciated. All parts were replaced with Moog parts. Thanks for your time.