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  1. I have a 2008 Ford Escape that has been issued a recall for power steering failures. I checked the VIN number and can see that the recall service was not done on this car. The car is now in Honduras and I am certain that the recall will not be honored here. This is the 1st year the Escape came with electronic assist power steering, which means it has a small motor and not the hydraulic pump. I have had 2 times the power steering "switch" off and both times were after making sharp turns of the wheel for parking. I have done the research and have found that most times the problem with the system is the steering speed torque sensor. I have found this sensor as Dorman 905-524 and even a instructional video on how to correctly replace the part. The part is out of stock and the factory says they have no date when it will be again available. Have any of you owners had problems with your steering? If so, what was the solution? Does anyone know of an alternative to this Dorman part? Thanks in advance to any and all replies.