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  1. 08MarinerNH

    Blinkers randomly turn on, stay on Control Module?

    I couldn't handle it anymore. Went to a local junk yard, and took the Smart Junction Box out of an Escape of the same year.. Plugged it in, and my problem is gone, and looks like I can avoid going to the dealer. The numbers did not match perfectly. Same replacement part number on the box, but mine ended with A and the one I put in had a B. Still worked great!
  2. Hi guys, I have an 08 Mariner.. Great car, just has the issue with the blinkers randomly turning on, and staying on, even when switch is in the off position. Some times the right blinker will flash in the right blinker position, and the off position on the switch. The left blinker position will shut the blinker off, but left blinker wont work. Sometimes it works normally, but the right blinker will randomly blink a few times. I know it's probably the body control/fuse box that needs replacing, but is my only option involve a dealership flashing it? Also, if I get a used one, could there be any problems associated with that? New ones are about $260 and i'd rather roll the dice on a $50 part.. If anyone has suggestions on how to resolve this issue, in the cheapest/easiest way, i'm all ears. Thanks, George