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  1. Sorry if this is an issue already posted as I am a new Escape owner and new to this site. I just purchased a 2017 Escape Titanium and my remote start function on the FOB does not result in anything when I depress the appropriate button 2x. I've had the vehicle for 2 weeks now and recall (vaguely) that it did work at one time when I tried it shortly after taking delivery. In fact my wife reminded me that the salesperson actually used the feature to start the vehicle when we were ready to take possession. I've tried some research online but only find reference to "remote start settings" on these Escapes, presumably through the main menu on the dash, but no particulars after that. I am wondering if something got reset on my part, although I haven't really done much with the electronics on this vehicle other than setting up my cell phone interface with the Sync 3 system.