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  1. fef91745

    Ignition Slow To Start

    In the last month, I noticed that when I turn the key to start the car, it takes a bit longer for the car to start, maybe 1/2 to a full second. It used to start much faster, almost instantaneously, definitely less than half a second. What could this mean? It's a 2008 Escape Hybrid w/ 120k miles. Thanks!!!
  2. I was at a Valvoline quick oil change shop, and they offered to replace the oil in the transfer case for $119, saying it should be replaced every 30,000 miles. The owner's manual says, "The Power Transfer Unit is lubricated for life with synthetic lube. Lubricant levels are not to be check or changed unless a leak is suspected or repair required. Replace Power Transfer Unit lubricant with specified synthetic lubricant anytime the unit is submerged in water." Should I have Valvoline replace transfer case oil? I have a 2008 Escape Hybrid AWD with 110k miles, and the transfer case is a used one that a mechanic put in about two years ago. Thanks.
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    Did you figure this out? I think you have to buy TPMS, because w/o it, your car will report an error. I guess if you can live with it giving you that error each time you start the car, it's OK.
  4. I took out the OEM radio in my ‘08 FEH to replace it w/ an aftermarket stereo. I pulled the antenna out from the back of the OEM radio, and it came out w/ a black sleeve over it. Without thinking much about it, I thought the black sleeve was a part of the jack, so I tried to pull it off w/ a pair of pliers, cracking a part of it. Then it dawned on me that the black sleeve is part of the plug, not the jack! I was thrown off because all the antenna plugs I’ve seen have been metal, not plastic. Is that correct? Can I just tape up the exposed metal, and use the plug? Thanks.
  5. My 2008 Escape Hybrid makes a faint metallic vibration noise at 40-50mph and my mechanic checked it out today and tells me I need to replace the transfer case assembly. He quoted $3450 for a new part (3 hours labor to install would be additional). I googled "remanufactured transfer case assembly" and found some ranging from $700 to $1100 for my make/model. But I don't know their reputation. Can anyone recommend a reputable remanufacturer? Thanks.
  6. I like getting audible feedback when I use the key fob to lock the doors, but the honk of the horn is just a bit too loud for my taste! Is it possible to install a quieter beeper/chirper? Do I have to install a complete new aftermarket alarm set, or can I just install an aftermarket beeper? I have a 2008 Escape. Thanks.