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  1. BlueRock15

    No crank No start issue

    Hi. Been having an issue with my 2009 Escape AWD. Approx 110,000 kms on it. Moderate daily driver. Sometimes I turn the key and I get nothing. The theft indicator in the lower left on the instrument display is flashing rapidly as if its indicating a theft issue. I have changed out the entire ignition module. So that isnt the issue. If I move the console gear shifter around a bit, it usually starts. Could this be a Trans Range Sensor module going bad? I have looked online regarding as to where this sensor is located on my Escape but I cant see it anywhere. Is it possibly located somewhere different on an AWD vehicle. Anyone have suggestions as to the cause of the no start issue OR the location of the TRS sensor...or both? Thanks in advance....... Cheers BlueRock
  2. BlueRock15

    No crank no start issue

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, glad to be aboard. I'm having an issue with my 2009 Escape 3.0 L . It's an intermittent problem. Sometimes when I turn the key, the dash lights all come on as normal but the engine will not crank at all. The digital odometer reads no numbers, just a set of dashes like this - - - - - - - -. Car will start maybe next time, maybe not. Does not matter if I wiggle the key or push it inward etc. One time I just moved the console gear selector arm and it then started on the next try. Don't know if it was a fluke. Wondering if anyone has had this issue. I've been online researching it a bit. What is the probability that I have a bad Transmission Range Sensor? Or is it more likely that I have a worn ignition lock module or ignition switch? Thanks for any suggestions that anyone can offer !!