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  1. Kylyn84

    2007 Blend Door Actuator

    I have an 07 Escape and can't for the life of me find the blend door actuator or a decent video or diagram online. Can someone please help me out? I have the new one in hand, and my whole dash torn apart, and just really want to be done with this little project ?
  2. Kylyn84


    Hi all. I have an 07 Escape, V6. I had the spark plugs changed at a shop at about 250000km. Ever since, I've had a cylinder 1 misfire at about 2000 rpm. Any thoughts?
  3. Kylyn84

    A/C not blowing cold

    System is fully charged, all pressures in normal range, compressor working, high side hose icy to touch, low side warm, everything as it should be, except its still blowing warm air through the vents. Any thoughts?