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  1. Mustang_Driver

    OBD II Codes

    if you have a decent obdII scanner it might tell you what the exact problem is, i finally had to buy a more expensive one as my airbag light kept coming on found out that when ford installed the seats in my 08 escape they managed to pinch the pretensioner wire and it was shorting out (main reason i didn't drive it for almost a year as i was fighting with ford about it)still not fixed properly but the pretensioner is like 300 dollars in canada just waiting to trade it in ford seems to have dropped the ball as of late so i won't be buying another ford product
  2. Mustang_Driver

    Why no ID?

    if you want to know if its awd/4wd etc, look under the vehicle and see if there is a rear differential, but you can also do a vin check online or at the ford dealership.... mine has the rear differential and just replaced the transmission and fluid changed the transfer case... mine is clearly marked 4WD on the hatch door but they made modifications to the rear door from 2008-2010 i do believe where there is a outside door handle.. Mine says it's AWD/4WD But you can check here: https://www.vehiclehistory.com/vehicle/land.php
  3. I have a 2001 Windstar that does pretty much the same thing with the abs and it turned out to be the abs control module.... not sure about the escapes but with my original scanner it would not read abs codes so that one is useless to me so i had to spend 3 times as much to get one that would read abs codes and it turns out i have 7-8 abs codes and when i went to the dealer they said the replacement part was worth more than the van and the mechanic just put a piece of electrical tape over the lights... some fix by ford.... but after i bought my 08 escape i was getting an airbag light coming on so i had to spend more money on a scanner that would read airbag/srs errors, found out it was a short on the pretensioner.... so long story short it may be you need a more expensive scanner to read the stored abs codes... your local autoparts store should be able to pull the codes for you and point you in the right direction.... i only wish i would have bought the more expensive scanner in the first place as i have 3 i don't use now..lol
  4. Mustang_Driver

    2008 ford escape rattling front-end

    so you have pretty much tackled everything in the front end the only thing left is to maybe check the tires and wheels for a balance issue, and if you have a spare set of wheels swap them and see if it still does it, my brother just did a weekend getaway and had the same issues where the front end sounded funny but when they rolled into the tire shop and had them look into it they noticed that 1 tire had belt separation and but from what you are describing and from what he described to me during his drive it sounds familiar except his girlfriend kept saying look it goes away if you go faster, but if they didn't get it looked at they could have been statistics if they didn't stop and have a tire shop look into it.and being as your is front wheel drive have you checked the CV-Joints
  5. Mustang_Driver

    2008 ford escape rattling front-end

    I have a little different issue, i had my transmission rebuilt,drive shaft replaced, and just recently i had 4 tires put on the escape as it is 4wd and when the mechanic took the front tires off he said i needed front brakes in the near future but it wasn't something i needed to rush out and get done, so i waited a couple weeks and got all my parts, set aside a saturday morning and got the brakes done, took a little longer than normal as i had to run out and get a 9mm socket for the caliper slide bolts, but i got everything done and took it for a test drive, brakes evenly and straight, no vibration. the next day i went out for a bit and noticed that i had a metal rattle like a heat shield or something making noise which it never did so i brought it home put it up on ramps and i couldn't replicate the rattle by hitting the exhaust and there was no noise before the brakes were done, so i was wondering if anyone has experienced this and what caused it as i can't find the source i will be taking the front tires off again today to see if something went awry but everything seems tight and it brakes even, only seems to do this after it gets warmed up (which is why i thought heat shield) and it doen's matter if your moving or not when tapping the gas pedal it makes the noise when stopped or driving in gear and in park so to me it sounds like exhaust but i am not sure as i can't see a rattle coming from the brakes but i will double check, maybe i missed tightening a bolt but i don't think so but you never know
  6. Mustang_Driver

    Oil leak identification

    i have a 2008 3.0L and i don't remember seeing this on mine, but it might just be a cam sensor or something not too sure i couldn't find it in my Haynes manual either sorry
  7. Mustang_Driver

    Welcome, Mustang_Driver

    My name is Stan i own a 2008 Ford Escape 3.0L XLT 4WD and i am looking for some information on the vehicle but seems i am at a loss asking on the other forums i belong to so i found this site during a google search