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  1. So I've reviewed most of the posting and answered a few. I didn't see this particular issue so I am hoping that someone out there in the world of bits and bytes has at least something that I can check out. To begin with, I have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid with 148,000 miles on it. It runs great, no problems there. A few weeks back, I replace both the front and rear axle bearings and the all of the ball joints both front and rear. I have also just in the past two weeks replace the front struts. Then last week, I took it to get new tires put on and a few days after that, I started getting this grinding/rubbing type noise when I turned to the left. It didn't seem to be too bad. However, this week, it has gone haywire. It grinds/rubs at any effort to turning left. I did notice that it seems to do it more on acceleration that it does if I just let the car coast. There is no noise going straight down the road. I can run at 80 MPH down the interstate with no problems. I'm going to take it back to the tire installation site and let them look at it. I have checked all the linkages under the front and everything seems to be nice and snug. I did a double check with the torque wrench and everything is still at spec for torque. I have also checked the dust pan that is on the front brakes thinking it might have gotten bent or something. That is fine. I've jumped up and down to make sure that the struts are okay. I'm starting to pull out what hair I have left. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey effed. I had a problem that was diagnosed as the ABS control module. However, I talked to a gentlemen at a tire store and he said that the most often cause of the brake light coming on was a worn brake hose. The reason is that the system tries to build up pressure in the brake system before you ever start the car. If the pressure goes down to far while driving or applying the brakes, the light will come on. I had about 145,000M on mine and replace the front hoses and the problem went away. I am going to replace the rear hoses when I get a chance. Cost is much better than $4Gs. Hope this helps.
  3. I've got the opposite problem. Replaced the front lower ball joints had new ties put on and then my grinding/clunking noise started up. Mine is at slow speeds when turning left and seems to only be when I am accelerating. I hope someone follows up on your thread. It could be related to both of us.