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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever upgraded a 2016 Ford Escape S with the 4.2 inch screen and regular SYNC - to the 8 inch screen with I believe is SYNC 3? I wonder if, besides the different face-plate on the dash for the bigger LCD screen, if the connection(s) inside the dash are the same, and if the different radio/NAV screen will fit without modifications. We have a 2016 Ford Escape S trim level, with a small 4.2 inch screen, and I have a source for a 2016 Escape, titanium trim level - with the 8 inch screen and the SYNC # in it that was just totaled. It's quite a drive to make to get it but I would do it if I knew that it would just snap in/plug-in place easily. Wondering if this swap would work? Has anyone ever made this switch in this generation Escape? Does anyone know for sure?
  2. Hello, We have a 2019 Escape with only 1 key fob/prox remote push button start. Trying to get a replacement. Closest Ford dealer (an hour away) parts guy says the part # is 164R8092/FCC #: M3N5WY8609. Is that all we need to know? Of course he doesn't have any in stock so he would have to order them, so he can't answer the questions that I have about the ID numbers or key type (see below). A local automotive locksmith says check chip number, ID46 vs ID83, but says we can't see it because only his machine can tell? A 2nd automotive locksmith says check the number on the inside of the remote when the emergency key is removed, which should either be: BT4T-15K601-Hx, or CJ5T-15K601-Dx. I think different types of emergency keys come with the different numbers, but is that the only difference? Or do tha numbers (BT4T-15K601-Hx, or CJ5T-15K601-Dx) indicate different types of chips, ID46 vs ID83. A 3rd automotive locksmith says just verify the number on the IC rom chip on the little green board inside says: NXP and F7953AC1700 and we'll be OK. A 4th automotive locksmith says as long as it says M3N5WY8609, and it has the correct emergency key we have now, either 164-8041 or 164-R8022 - (which we have) and it will work.?? All I know is that we have a key FOB with the numbers/letters M3N5WY8609 & BT4T-15K601-Hx inside which can be seen with the emergency key removed, and the little rom chip inside says: NXP and F7953AC1700 (as well as the 164-R8022 emergency key). One of the locksmiths say we have the correct key FOB for our escape, but we have the wrong emergency key?? After all of this, I don't even know if we even have the correct emergency key. I think all these locksmiths are trying to scare me so I will just buy the key from them, along with having them program the key FOB. Unfortunately they all have conflicting information and their prices aren't much better than the dealership. Thats what we get for living out in the boonies. Please help. With all the numbers and conflicting info, I'm totally lost! Just want to know which remote is it, with which numbers and which emergency key that we should be using.
  3. Hi All, my daughter has a 2016 Ford Escape (2.5L) and she needs the bake reservoir screws Everything was fine but when she went to get her oil changed they pointed out the problem. obviously she can't drive the car with the fluid reservoir just hanging loose so i need to get some replacement screws and bring them to her. Does anyone know what size/type of screws this takes, and how many? Can't find anything on the Ford website.
  4. Hi, my daughter has a 2016 Escape base that has recently developed a an issue with the car(transmission??). The car was at a stop sign and when she took her foot off the brake pedal and placed it onto the gas pedal the car 'jolted' (her words). Something similar happened to her brother when he drove the car a few days ago. She talked with her boss, who also had a Ford Escape, and he had a similar issue that turned out to be a torque converter issue. Anyone heard of this? I don't see any recalls and so far I can't find any transmission or power-train TSB's but maybe someone here has a link to one. Second issue is the ac. Sometimes when she gets in the car and turns on her ac, there isn't any cooling coming out of the dash vents. She can feel the cool air on her feet or through the defroster - just not through the dash vents. She turns the ac off/on several times, as well as switching the selector button between the dash vents, floor, defrost, etc and it eventually starts working. My gut tells me that there is some kind of issue with the blend door because I had something like this on my other Ford vehicles.Is there a TSB or recall on this? Finally, my daughter has already had to have the rear back-up camera replaced (it didn't come on sometimes) and now that seems to be working. However, the actual radio will not come on sometimes? She hits the button to turn it on and nothing - it looks and acts dead. No lights, the screen is blank/off, no sound - nothing. Most times it works fine -just has the problem once in a while. Anyone know of/about or have any experience with this issue? Again, if there are any TSB's please let us know because we couldn't find any. My daughter is taking it to the dealer and if the issue doesn't happen when the vehicle is there, they usually blow you off. Having a TSB or two would be very helpful.
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  6. Hi All, my daughter just bought a 2016 Ford Escape S recently and we have a few questions I hope we can get some information on. My 3 questions are as folllows: Question #1) In the last couple of weeks the car's AC didn't work correctly on two occasions; the AC would come out from the defrost vents and on your feet OK, but not out the front passenger vents ? After playing around with the AC controls (off & on, switching the settings between vents, floor, defrost, etc.) we got the air to come out the vents like it should. This has happened twice. My guess is the problem has something to do with the blend door, but I don't understand how it can work fine most of the time, but then have a problem, then go back to working correctly again? If it is broken, how can it repair itself? Is this something that happens a lot and is this something we can fix ourselves ? Is it hard to access or get to? Is there a TSB on this problem? Question #2) My daughter and I were recently in the car on the freeway and she had to speed up to get past some semi-trucks. Anyway, as she accelerated over 75 MPH, you could feel a vibration in the steering wheel. My first thought is that the car needs to be aligned but in doing some research I have found out that this can also be caused by the drive shaft(s) being a little off balance?? I must confess I don't know this could be possible on a front wheel drive vehicle but I defer to the folks here who no doubt have more info on this subject. Does anyone here know about this vibration problem? Does it happen a lot on Ford Escape models/front wheel drive cars? Is there a TSB on this problem? Question #3) This car is equipped with a back-up camera and on one occasion my daughter put the car in reverse, and instead of the little screen on the dash showing what's behind the car, it had a message that said the "camera was not available"?? This has only happened once but the internet is full of Ford vehicle owners with the same problem with their back up cameras. Is there a known problem with the back-up cameras and can it be fixed easily? Or there is a TSB on this problem and we are stuck fixing it ourselves? I want to say thank you in advance to everyone who offers help and advice, I do appreciate it.