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  1. Hello can I still working on my son's all three all-wheel drive Escape. The rear left brake line blew out, just trying to get things apart the line broke off at the left rear plate fitting, does anyone have a fix for that or do I need to get a new plate for the drum brake assembly to attached to? Also does anyone have a parts listing for the brake lines? Wondering if the left rear brake line goes all the way up to the front and if it's possible to get that line. Any help in this would be appreciated oh, thank you very much. I've been working on this vehicle off and on for several weeks, replacing bearings hubs tie rod ends lower ball joints and more and no brake issues in the back. The picture I'm including is showing the line and fitting it is broken it's not removed as of yet. Hoping to get this vehicle back to my son soon so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hello, I am new here, I am doing a bunch of different work on my son's 03 all-wheel drive Escape. I need to replace the front hub / bearing assemblies and can find hundreds of just the plain assemblies but I need to find a source 4 the hub bearing assembly for a vehicle that is all wheel drive and has abs. Can anyone out there point me in a Direction? I have checked online with a couple of the auto retailers that I favor and as well have checked eBay and Amazon and like I said can find them all over the place without ABS and for the other vehicles in the lineup but not for the Escape all wheel drive with abs. Any advise in this direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you.