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  1. Last December (2107) I got my car inspected by my mechanic. Knew I needed new front brake pads so I had him do it at that time. A few weeks later my brake pedal went soft for a few days. It stopped so I didn't worry about it. A few weeks after that they went soft again. Lasted a few days then stopped. Right after it stopped all my lights on the dash came on (ABS, Traction, Red Brake). I took it back to the mechanic who told me I had to take it to Ford and have it diagnosed. I did ($200!!) and they told me I needed a new ABS module ($1500). I went back to my mechanic and was told I didn't HAVE to have ABS which is fine (I never go anywhere and my commute is 8 miles). So I had him check all the brakes and was told they were fine and not to worry about it. SO....this last December (2018) I took it back to that same mechanic to have it inspected and he said it wouldn't pass with the red brake light on (the same red brake light that was on a year ago). I have taken all wheels off and checked all aspects of the brakes and see no problems. It drives fine and I've had no issues. But I DO need it to be inspected. What now?????