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  1. ray

    2015 F150 front plate

    It seems that if you own one Ford, chances are that you might also own another!
  2. ray

    Cleaning/Painting Intake Manifold

    Try simple green. It's not toxic and doesn't leave any residue.
  3. ray

    New Member from Syracuse, NY

    Hi, Mike. Welcome to the Ford Escape Forum!
  4. ray

    Paint chipping

    Can you post a photo?
  5. ray

    Finally got one!

    Welcome to the site and congratulations on your new Ford Escape! Are you planning on any trips or ?
  6. ray

    sick of the other forum

    Spread the word - we're weak on traffic over here
  7. ray

    Escape Ecoboost Owners?

    WOW - that's a lot of miles in a very short time. Your comments comparing your Cayenne to the Ford Escape are a great testament to how well the Escape has been received! What's the name of your Ford dealer in N.Y.?
  8. ray

    Sync with iPhone?

    My iPhone works great, it's my Android (work phone) that has a gremlin inside, which likes to cause problems. You can always check on http://www.syncmyride.com or http://www.fordsyncforum.com for tech questions though.
  9. ray

    Paint chipping

    First that I have heard to this. What did the Ford dealer say?
  10. ray

    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome to the Ford Escape Forum. That total B.S. or bullshit that you can't post common street words on a forum - there isn't any Gestapo over here.
  11. ray

    rear wiper arm removal?

    There should be a small clip that you need to move out of the place. I don't think it's a snap ring rather it's on a pivot.
  12. ray

    sick of the other forum

    I guess it is possible
  13. ray

    sick of the other forum

    Crap. damn, bitch, jackass, shoot.
  14. ray

    low / surging RPMs

    I'm betting a MAS air flow sensor.
  15. ray

    Yep, I'm new as well

    Welcome to the Ford Escape Forum!