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  1. Stalkbroker94

    Wheel Bearings

    Very much new here, but I've had my 2006 Ford Escape for about a year now. I bought it from the dealership I used to work at. It was a great place, but there's a reason I say WAS. It closed due to a lot of reasons, one of them being the lack of inspections on used trade-ins. When I purchased my vehicle, it was admittedly in very good shape. Sure, I had to replace my tires, but the ones that were already on it weren't very good for the snow we get, so I would have replaced them anyway. My current issue is actually my rear wheel bearings. I'm just a detailer, so car parts aren't my forte. Can anyone recommend some durable/long lasting bearings that won't blow a hole clean through my wallet? Bearing in mind ;) that it's a FWD model. I do plan on replacing both of my rear bearings even though it's currently only the passenger rear that's making noise. The last time I replaced just one at a time in a car of mine (2005 Buick Park Avenue, oddly enough) the other bearing went out a couple of months later. Maybe it's something to do with my $3500 vehicle budget? Lol sorry if this has been discussed already on another thread.