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  1. Hello all. I have owned Fords before but it has been quite a while. Nothing against them, I have had an Escort, 4 Broncos at different times (67 to 91), a mustang, F150 4x4 step side, Escort wagon. My new addition is a 2011 Escape AWD XLTwith 144k miles on it that I purchased about 6 weeks ago. It has a very faint steering noise when I veer to the right. If the radio is on or the road surface is rough I cant hear it. When I veer to the left I hear a similar noise but even fainter and probably would haven't noticed it if the I hadn't heard the noise when I turn to the right. At higher speeds and I think after driving for a while I cant hear it. If its not coming from the power steering my next guess is wheel bearings. The noise is a whirring sound and seems to be coming from the passenger side. Maybe like the sound you would expect if brake pads were rubbing against brake rotors that are slightly rusted or rough but its not very loud at all. The brakes are not on when I hear the noise and when the steering is straightened the noise stops. Also, It doesn't get louder when I turn harder. I might be going to Orlando from Columbus GA this weekend and want to make sure I am not doing damage by driving it. Thanks all for any suggestions.