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  1. Resurrecting a 2006 3.0 ,2x4 , Ford Escape, front end damage, just replace radiator, radiator fans, condenser coil, transmission cooler and power steering line. Pretty much straight forward swap. The donor is a 2003 Ford Escape, that’s all I know literally it was cut off at the wheel wells, my problem is, the fan plugs on my ‘06 have two where the ‘03 has 4 plug ins , can’t find any info on the inter web, thought about buying,one however, both styles show up, my point is there a harness work around, (yes I know not to buy the 4 plug one)
  2. Fordman37167


    Howdy from middle Tennessee, as y’all can see I have a 2006 Ford Escape 2x4 v-6, it has “light front end damage” also I have a 1998 f-150, looking forward to picking the collective mind of this group.
  3. 2006 Ford Escape XLT the exterior trim (fascia , fender flares rear bumper cover) are different from body color , cannot find color code for them. The door tag only has body color code . Need to paint front bumper cover
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    Howdy y’all

    I have two projects 1998 f 150 and my Daughter’s 2006 Ford Escape