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  1. Ford Escape 3.0L XLT 2010 For a while all my bulbs light in the instrument cluster switch off, the only one remaining is for fuel. I removed the instrument cluster and try to find out the problem. I supposed will be easy to change some bulbs light. The bulbs are under main board? How can I get her out without ruining it? Please take a look to the picture attached and tell me please where are bulbs light and how can I remove main board. Thanks
  2. Hi, My Ford Escape, year 2010, have a problem with radio screen. When I switch ON the car, after 30-40 seconds the screen turning off. The radio still work, I can change the program but I can not see anything on screen. I tried to disconnect the battery, works fine for two days and then the same problem. Every time when I start the engine the screen working, but after 30 seconds turning off. What can I do? Thanks