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    2012 Escape serpentine tension

    How stiff is the tensioner on a 2012 Escape, and can the belt be replaced solo, with no tools, in a parking lot? backstory: my serpentine belt ascended in rapture (disintegrated) today as I pulled into the parking lot of McCarran International. When I return to it late Saturday night, it will still be disintegrated (I think...). I plan on buying a new belt on my trip, and replacing it on arrival back to the airport. The only thing I don’t know is if this is even feasible by myself and with no tools as I have no idea how much force is required to pull the tensioner up enough to sneak the new belt on. I don’t want o go to a garage, as that will require a night in a hotel as my home is 3 hours away and I don’t fly in until about 10 pm. I plan to use some rope to loop around the tensioner arm and pull it up with one hand while I sneak the belt on with the other. Bad plan? Unfeasible? I’d love to know y’all thoughts. Thanks!