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    What do you think of the looks of the 2020 Escape? I personally do not like it. Especially the front end. It looks too much like the small Porsche SUV which I do not like either. I attended a dealer training session yesterday on the 2020 Escape. It has a few upgrades over earlier years. One is that the AWD model has the ability to completely disengage the rear wheel drivetrain. But it will renegade in a fraction of a second if needed. This will help gas mileage. The rear seats move 6 inches for and aft to allow for more leg room or cargo space as needed. I do not like the screen setting above the dash. My wife is short, 5 foot 2 inches, and with the seat up us high as it will go she could not see over it. It blocked a large portion of her visibility. Doesn't Ford model the interiors for shorter people? The front end design looks too much like Focus. Ford is trying to appease the ex Focus buyers. What they have done is alienate the people who like the look of an SUV. The drag coefficient is less than a Mustang GT. They are going for mileage. I was so uninthused about the looks of the 2020 Escape that I bought a completely loaded Ruby Red 2019 Escape Titanium 4wd with a tow package.

    2019 Escape Titanium with trailer tow package

    I had a 2017 Escape with the factory trailer tow package. I had the same problem. It thought I was pulling a trailer when I was not. It turned out that salt had gotten in the light plug-in. Salt is electrically conductive. It made the vehicle think there was a trailer behind it. The trailer tow package comes with trailer sway control. This got real interesting when it sensed trailer sway and tried to correct a non existing condition. The fix was to clean out the light plug-in of all salt and moisture. Then fill the plug with a dielectric material and put the plug cap back on tight. This fixed the problem.