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    Hi! I have had several fords. First one was a 1970 Ford Farlane Loved that car. Then I had 2 pintos. I think they were both 74s. Had an 81 ltd then a 89 Crown Victoria. That was a great car. Next I bought a 91 Lincoln towncar. Then an 98 exploder. Taught my last 3 kids to drive in that one. Have a fond memory of Katrina driving down the lake on the ice shooting snow out on both sides. I let them loose on the lake and boy was that fun. I loved that thing so much my next ford was a 98 F150 4x4. Lifted it and put a 5 inch tube muffler on it. We called it thunder. My daughter rolled her 72 ford f250 in a gravel pit so I gave her my f150. Was living off grid then and a friend gave me an 87 f250 4x4 cause he put the spark plug wires on wrong and thought he spun a bearing. One look under the hood revealed the issue. So I gave him $300. Now I have a 2006 Escape and my daughter is buying a 2014 escape next week. I bought the 2006 for a winter car. They said the read end was gone and kept locking up. I got it home and found that the a-frame on the drivers rear was torn and when you gave it gas the rear end would rise up and catch the floor of the car jamming it. We welded the a-frame and it was good for a while but it tore again. So we welded it again. Turns out the abs gears also send a message to the 4x4 and it was locking in 4x4 when it should slip and giving to much traction to the wheels when turning. Was fine all winter on the ice roads but soon as the dry spring hit it tore again. Took it to ford and they replaced two of the abs gears and its been great since. I had a Cadillac and a couple chev pickups and a chev van and an old dodge polara but I always go back to ford. Sorry but I can't lie, my favorite car was the 1990 Cadallac Fleetwood