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  1. The fuse is ok in my 2003 Escape XLT, and the reservoir is full, but the mister is not working. Has anyone here had that experience? Is it a bad pump and if so, where is it? Thanks!
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    I just bought a 2003 Escape XLT 4-door. 155k miles but in beautiful shape. I have two concerns: The front airbag warning light stays on, and the cruise control doesn't seem to work. The cc indicator light on the dash comes on in about 2-3 seconds, but the 'access-set' does not activate the cc. I'm hoping the airbag issue is a vacuum leak or something else simple. I'll drive it for a couple of weeks and give my neighborhood mechanic a list. Meanwhile, I love that this is relatively small and nimble for an SUV, with great ergonomics and comfortable driving position.