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  1. blockisle9

    blis and Cross traffic system error

    This morning while driving my 2013 Titanium, a warning popped up saying right side blis blind spot and cross traffic had an issue and needs service. After shutting down the vehicle and restarting it, it cleared and appears to be functioning again. It was raining, (If that information is relevant) Is this a common issue, the escape only has 400 miles on it. I hate to bring it to the dealer already for issues. Thanks for your in put.
  2. Is any one having issues with sending a vehicle health report? When I run one, it tells me it was successful and sends it. I then get an email from sync saying there was a technical problem and please try again. It does this every time I send one. At the sync web site there are no reports and it states you must run a report first. Thanks Lenny 2013 Titanium with Myford Touch and Nav
  3. blockisle9

    2013 remote starter

    I have a 2013 Titaniam Escape. Can someone verify the operation for me? When I park, I get out and lock the car. When I try to start the car by hitting the button twice on the remote, nothing happens. When I hit the lock button then hit the start button twice it starts up. Keep in mind that the car is already locked. The owners manual says the car needs to be locked, not that you have to hit the lock button prior to the start buttons. If there all that way, I'm okay with it. I just want to be sure everything is working normal. Thanks Lenny