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  1. Jmurphy4369

    Transmission not engaging

    I am having similar issue with my 14... Did you find anything? i am being told a bad pump... But why does it reset after I shut it off
  2. Jmurphy4369

    Need Opinion - Transmission leak there now gone.

    Did you see any leak? I just had my passanger side CV joint pull it self out, no signs of leaks because of the cover under car... Appears I will be rebuilding my transmission...
  3. Sorry for the long post. 2014 1.6l 2wd While sitting stopped our car slipped in to neutral, turned car off and back on and drove it about 300 feet off the road. my CV joint retainer (passanger side) wore out causing my CV joint to walk out of the seal and leak fluid. There was no visible damage to the seal or CV joint, replaced seal as precaution. Pretty easy repair...I am not sure how much or how long it was leaking Filled fluid while parked untill it would come out the over flow drain while running. Took car for test ride, drove fine until I had to make a 45* turn and it slipped into neutral... Turn car off and back on it is fine until I turn... any help will be greatly appreciated.