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    Hi all, obviously Im new here and I have Just purchased a 2005 Escape XLT V6. I had a 2000 xls v6 7 years ago before moving from England and It was difficult to let go. It took seven years to find one for sale on Tenerife, plenty of x5's, Freelanders and Landcruisers and all grossly over priced. The XLT is a big upgrade from the old XLS but that V6 power house is the same and the driveability is soul warming. Obviously buying an 05 model was going to come with a few issues, annoyingly ford making the General Electric Module Impossible to easily inspect due to two boards being sandwiched and soldered together was rather unexpected. I Bought the car for a good price at 3600 euro (170000 Km) his original asking price was 5600 euro which still wasn't bad compared with other 4wd's so Ive got plenty of headroom for repairs and improvements. Its currently booked in to have all the fluids changed and Im waiting for an OBD scanner from Russia so I can do complete diagnostics before I shell out for a GEM. Tenerife is brilliant for lack of corrosion but causes issues with wiring as copper oxidation causing connectivity issues. At this moment I have central locking issues and 02 parameter issues for which im trying a cat cleaner, but the car runs great. I have just received a set of parking sensors of which I will fit in the next few days and also have a new cd less radio coming from the states. So here I am, hoping to pick up a few tips......