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  1. Cuivre Parc

    Before you had your Escape Ecoboost, what did you have?

    We had a 2002 GMC Envoy 190,000 miles. Bought the Escape for better gas mileage.
  2. Cuivre Parc

    Memory Seats with Passive Key

    I think you hit on my problem. When you turn off the engine, the seat and mirror settings are saved to the IA key. So my key, and my wifes key both had her settings saved on them. So when I would unlock the door the seat would not move from her settings. It's her car, and I have not driven it without her, until last light. When we picked up the Escape from the dealer, we had started and stopped the engine many times during the inspection/demo. So now if I drive the Escape with just my IA key in it, with seat and mirrors adjusted to me, turn off the engine, lock the car. Then with me away from the car, she car unlock the car by pulling on the door handle, and the seat will move to her position. I'm still confused if both of us are in the car with both IA keys which ones it saves the setting to when you turn off the engine.
  3. Cuivre Parc

    2.0 l Ecoboost?????

    Where is the 2.0 l ecoboost forum??
  4. I can not get the Memory seats to function when I unlock the doors by pulling on the driver door handle? If I use the unlock on the Key Fob the seats will move. The dealer can't figure it out either. On Pg 126 of the Manual 2nd Printing Passive Recall Note: If more than one passive key is in range, the memory function will move to the settings of the first key stored. When you unlock the vehicle with the remote control or pull the driver door handle with a passive key in range, the seat and mirrors will move to the position stored on that remote control or passive key.
  5. Cuivre Parc

    Bought 2013 Escape

    Shoping for a new 2013 Escape. We had 3 dealers give us an offer. Finally got one to offer us one at invoice.