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  1. After weeks of total frustration and no help from my local dealer, I purchased Ford part # CM5Z-13832-A . This is 2 horns, wiring and bracket. After bending the bracket and an hour of fiddling, it works. Finally a real, dual horn that people can actually hear. Note this is on my 2020 Escape. I do not know if will work on other models. I saw pictures of it on the internet and bought it on one of the internet sites. I hope that this will help others and that Ford will respond. No one can hear the cheap single horn that is on the SUV.
  2. I just purchased a new 2020 Ford Escape SEL 2.0. The SUV is great but the single horn is terrible. I live in north NJ and unfortunately have to use my horn a lot to wake up the idiots on their cell phones. Please help, my dealer has no solutions.