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  1. Anyone else having a similar issue? I have owned a 2013 Escape for almost 4 months and have over 5000 mile on it. During this period I have had 8 incidents where the car downshifts very hard when crossing the 20mph mark as I stop for a light or stop sign. Two of these incidents sounded like full metal-to-metal jamming of gears. All incidents have occurred during the morning and during the first 2 miles of driving. My routine has me stopping twice in the first two miles from speeds upwards of 50mph. Other than this the transmission operates beautifully. I had it in to the dealer for the last couple of days. All tests past with flying colors. Obviously with only 8 incidents It was predictable it did not act up for them. So I am just reaching out to see if others have sensed hard/abrupt downshifting on their 2013 escapes. Obviously I am concerned that such incidents could lead to premature tranny failure.
  2. mbrun

    Trip Mileage

    My overall average after 4230 miles is 29.3mpg. Running average for last 10 fillups is 30. Average for last 1200 miles is 31mpg. I feel like I have turned into a hyper miler but cannot seem to hit 33. Still trying.
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    Escape Ecoboost Owners?

    As of July 13, 2012 Yes. I purchased the escape with the 1.6L engine. I have over 3200 miles on it so far. Average MPG to date is 28.7. This is mostly rural and highway driving. I think I am turning into a hyper miler because I keep trying see if it is possible to actually reach the advertised 33mpg on the highway.