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  1. Hello friends, I purchased the Race Chip GTS w/ Bluetooth control because they were having a good sale. The website promised it was plug and play and installs in 5 minutes or less. Turns out the chip does not come with instructions, diagrams or videos about the car specifically. The printed materials had pictures from a VW jetta, and the pictures the support team has been sending me are from a Ford Fiesta 1.6L that appears to have a very different chassis. I really do not have the money to pay a local shop, nor do I want to for a product that was sold to me as plug and play. Does anyone know where the two sensors are and how to connect to them? Here is a screen shot of the motor bay, as you can see there are many sensors under the hood. Apparently we are looking for the boost pressure sensor and the manifold pressure sensor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.