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  1. MikeHTally

    Miserable gas mileage

    Averaging 22.3 recently. Still just commuting. My wife has driven it to Colorado. On 93, she got 26.9, 24.2 and 24.6. On mid-grade, she got 22.8, 19.6 and 19.7. Altitude hit or octane reduction?
  2. Certainly it will. Even if the starter and battery are "heavy duty", this idiotic "feature" is tearing down both every time it "saves gas". I try to be sure I turn it off when I start the motor.
  3. MikeHTally

    What color Escape did you buy?

    Magnetic Metallic. Not normally a fan of dark-colored cars in the Florida sun, but I love the color. The light interior and a shady spot at work help a bunch.
  4. MikeHTally

    Can't get tpms to program

    Usually, you just need to drive it a bit for them to sync up. That's what my Mazda and the wife's 300C needed.
  5. MikeHTally

    Miserable gas mileage

    Up to 21.6. That's likely the max I'll get. That pedal on the right keeps beckoning. 😀
  6. MikeHTally

    Spare tire

    My first comment? "Let me see it." Usually space-saver spares lose pressure, not "blow up".
  7. Considering trading my daughter's 2014 Corolla S on a 2014 Escape SE AWD. The Corolla has 61K, the Escape 65K. Both are in good shape (not great). She's never been in love with the Toyota (still misses her '02 Camry SE). She likes my Escape for the room and the way it drives. The difference is $2,500 OTD, perhaps less. Would I be buying a hole in the ground to throw money in? The location of the oil filter in the Escape is baffling. Is it as hard to change as it looks? I think my biggest concern is the Corolla's CVT.
  8. MikeHTally

    New tires in rear only - hidden danger?

    The only "better" is the spiff the salesman's trying to get. They say put the better tires on the rear, but I don't think I buy that. The front wheels do 'most all the work. They say new on the rear reduces the chance the back end might get away from you. All that said, you folks deal with winter I can only shiver about. If the sidewalls are OK, my vote is leave it like it is.
  9. MikeHTally

    Negative battery terminal

    On the newer ones, that's what you unplug to banish the evil stop/start.
  10. MikeHTally

    How many o2 sensors?

    Dang! All these threads are ancient. Two - one upstream from the CAT, one downstream
  11. MikeHTally

    Oil leak in ecoboost?

    My F150 had an intermittent oil leak. I just carried a couple of quarts of oil with me. Just a long-duration oil change.
  12. I don't think you can lock it with the key inside. Hope not, anyway. You may be able to lock it with the inside button and toss the key inside. I still expect not.
  13. MikeHTally


    Man, are there no new threads in here? How did a shock get broken?
  14. MikeHTally

    K and N intake

    Old thread, but no. However, if you're not willing to spend more money improving the exhaust, a CAI of any brand will have no benefit. If it can't breathe out, it won't be able to breathe in.
  15. MikeHTally

    Miserable gas mileage

    Kinda late, but I've had my '19 Titanium for three weeks. It's averaging 20.1 through three tanks. How are you calculating?