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  1. I'm posting this in hopes of helping someone avoid major disappointment. This isn't to bash Ford, I've owned several Fords over the years and am still a big Mustang fan, however Ford has laid a collosal egg with the 2020 Escape. I purchased a 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Titanium in July. Test drive was pleasant and the promise of 40+ mpg was enticing. I quickly regretted this decision as I immediately started having problems with the heads up display. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. Took back to have checked with initial try to repair was re-soldering some wiring. Didn't fix. Try #2 was to replace the whole heads up display, didn't fix. Try #3 was to replace a wiring harness, didn't fix. Car was at dealership 2 out of the first 3 months I owned it. On top of all of that before I took it back initially I went to pop the hood to put in sone rain x washer fluid and the hood popped loudly because it hit the A pillar on one side so hard it chipped paint off. I had to loosen the bolts holding the hood on and adjust it myself. The back hatch was also crooked and had to be adjusted. The passenger leather seat cover had a fairly big wrinkle in it and felt like it was missing some padding. Body seams all over the vehicle didn't line up well or had uneven gaps. I would be extremely unhappy but after contacting Ford while the car was sitting at the dealership they approved a buyback. So while I'd vehemently advise against purchasing a 2020 Escape I must give Ford kudos for doing the right thing. They completely paid off the loan and I was able to walk away from the vehicle. But I am extremely disappointed in Ford for allowing these vehicles to go to market with so many problems. The quality control is severely lacking. I have since purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan and the fit and finish and quality of build is heads above the Ford Escape, no comparison.
  2. Tony

    Hybrid mpg's?

    I;ve got a new 2020 Hybrid and so far I'm getting a little over 39 combined driving back and forth to work. About 60% of the that is interstate at 75 mph and the other 30% in town 40 - 55 mph. I'm using the ECO mode most of the time.
  3. Just FYI for anyone else interested in the cargo cover. This is the part number: LJ6Z-78550A74-AA This is the best price I've found: https://www.oemfordpartsdirect.com/cart You can get the pins you need 3D printed here for less than $13.00: https://www.makexyz.com/
  4. What is the part number for the cover?