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  1. I have the Titanium Hybrid model with all the extra seating bells and whistles When sitting in the driver seat there is a hard item under the leather at the back of the seat that digs into the back of my butt. It may be the wiring harness but it is uncomfortable. I have taken it for service where they adjusted the wiring but I still feel it. Even the service person could feel it when they sat in it. I sat in a new Escape in the showroom and could feel a similar bump, but not as noticeable as mine. They say that this was the way the car was engineered and there is not much they can do. I found another post on the internet where someone else was complaining that it felt like an iron bar digging into their butt but have been unable to locate the post again. Anyone else have this problem.
  2. Gary Bowman

    2020 hybrid driver seat discomfort

    I just found out there is a free fix from ford as quite a few people have complained about this issue. Affects cars built before February 2020. They change out the pad over the heated seat. Currently waiting for the fix part kit to arrive at the Ford dealer.