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    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    Hey everyone! Not sure what to do and feeling pretty raked over. Bought a 2008 escape from a dealership as is back in August 2020. I wasn't able to get it inspected due to covid-19, which was my first mistake. Now, it's January and the transmission has been slipping and randomly shifting on me so bad I can't travel with it now. It had no signs of these issues until a month or so ago, it popped while I was going up a hill. It's been a champ in every other regard except for some electrical issues. Wondering if that may be the problem? I just put my first 3k miles on it. All fluids are clean and topped off. Don't know what to do. Spent $8k cash. Anyone have any insight? My funds are limited, so I'm trying not to feel discouraged, but that's the way my guts leaning. How would the dealership have hid this problem on me? So now, if I go to sell it, I have to sell it with problems and for what... Half the price? Such a bad investment lol
  2. I just bought a 2008 escape. It has ran great for the week so far. Tonight, my wife and I were sitting in it for a moment with the ignition to ACC before we went to the store. As we were sitting there, I thought I heard ticking. We turned the air off (radio already off) and you can hear a faint sound coming from what seems to be right under the clock on the inside. With everything off, it didn't sound like ticking after all, but like something with a gear that keeps spasming out, going back and forth with no specific pattern. You can barely hear it from under the hood and it won't stop unless you turn the key to off. As soon as you turn it back on it goes right back at it and it continues when turning the engine on. My first thought was maybe an air vent door or something? I turned the air back on and switched between each setting with each working fine. You can hear the actuator and everything moving with no problem. My second thought was how it sounds almost like a CD drive spinning back and forth trying to frantically read something. Its a 6 disc CD changer, but I had no discs in it. I hadn't even tried the CD player yet, so I grabbed 6 CD's to make sure it all worked, which it does. The sound still persisted while testing it, unchanged. I tried the ol' bang on it trick, but of course that did nothing. Its a faint sound that completely drowns out with drive noise and air/music, but I know it wasn't doing that when I bought it and it can be quite strange to listen to as you sit in 'silence'. What would this be? What is underneath the dash right there that would be spasming like that? Could the dealer have made this stop for a while through the puter? I've scoured the net, but can't find anyone with a sound like this. I could probably upload a clip of it if needed. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! And I'll follow up with any further information.
  3. Strikerz

    Can't see the cruise controls at night

    It's the same in the 08 escape I just bought. In addition, there is no indication of the cruise control being on or off (not engaged). I'm sure over time this won't be an issue due to memorizing and understanding how you just have to turn cruise 'on' each time you drive, but it's just one of those frustrating things.