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  1. ChicNcharge

    Miserable gas mileage

    Update: 2/1/2021 I purchased car in May, I’ve only reset gas mileage 1 time before I posted Oct 16, 2020. I’m still driving Hwy Miles to and from work. I like to use the cruise control and I slacked off using Sport Mode. I’m averaging 33.6 mpg. I love my Escape!
  2. I don’t think you can lock your key in the car without removing battery from fob first. I will be trying snodemon540’s recommendation of hitting lower 2 buttons on door panel and see if that works. I also read that you can wrap your keys in aluminum foil. I did watch a few videos on accessing car with dead key fob battery. Just lay dead fob next to charge plug in dash. It can sense it from there and you’ll be able to start it.
  3. ChicNcharge

    Before you had your Escape Ecoboost, what did you have?

    2007 Dune Pearl Metalic Ford Edge SEL, it was my 1st new vehicle. It averaged around 22 mpg. I traded in after my husband had a wreck in June 2020. My 2020 Escape w/eco boost is averaging 33.5 mpg and I’m happy with the Rapid Red color. 0% interest for 60 months.
  4. ChicNcharge

    Unleaded or premium

    I have 2020 that I bought in June I’ve only used regular. I’ve had 33.9 mpg last month. I’ve been trying out the sport mode and mpg is going down because I’m speeding up.
  5. ChicNcharge

    Miserable gas mileage

    I drive 30 min to work and home again in afternoon average speed 70 mph. I’m not using the auto start as much as I’d like to, I forget about it. AC is usually always on and drive setting is normal, Gas mileage is running 33.5 up to 33.9. I did use the eco setting in dash, helps remind me lighten up on the gas pedal. 2020 Escape SE ecoboost
  6. ChicNcharge

    Remote features disabled

    I get the message too, it always happens when I leave it in the garage a couple of days.
  7. They have my Escape fixed. 😀 My Service Rep called me yesterday afternoon. She said they have it fixed and it’s running fine, she requested to keep it another day so they could drive it and make sure there are no problems before they give her back. My work schedule wont allow me to be the one to pick it up this afternoon 08/11/2020, so my husband will be driving 4 door 4x4 F150 aka (Monster). I hope he doesn’t get attached. 😉
  8. Traded in loaner #1 2020 Eco-Sport ( roller skate) for loaner #2 2020 F-150 4x4 (Monster) that will not fit in my garage , seems they want to keep loaners under 2,000 miles. Dealer rep said they have someone coming in Monday to check on my Escape. Escape has not been started since 7/27/2020. My new car tags arrived yesterday. I will be trying to get my personalized plates from my previous 2007 Edge changed to the new Escape. The DMV assured me waiting for new tags from dealer was best way to go. Thanks Covid-19 for making thing’s complicated. WORDS FOR THE WISE- Dont be the 1st person to sign up for recalls. I scheduled appointment online and followed up with phone call to make sure they had parts or equipment for the recall appointment. Things just didn’t go the way I had hoped. I’m very thankful the dealer has issued the loaners and have been very upfront with contacting me on status. The Loaners are above average loaner cars/ top of the line in their categories. I will still give Ford A+ on any survey, they have been honorable.
  9. 8/3/20 Still waiting. The dealer has been contacting me and they are still waiting on fix.
  10. I’ve taken the initiative to get my Escape in as soon as I noticed the reprogramming recall with the Ford app on my phone. On Monday 9am 07/27/2020 They thought it would be less than an hour wait. I was happy to sit and wait. My service contact let me know they were having computer issues about 40 min in. She came in another 20 to let me know they couldn’t get it started and they had called Ford Hot Line. She set me up in a loaner and told me it could be a couple to few days. Will follow up with this post when I get my baby home.