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  1. Susan

    Stay Away 2020 Escape

    I have had my 2020 escape titanium for less than a month, it's my fourth new escape and the only one I've ever had regrets. I traded my 2018 escape titanium for it, so my perspective is going from the "old" to the new. I'll start with the pro's. I like the absence of the two Ford triangle metal things (insignia's? - I don't know what they're called) that have been on both sides of Fords for years. I was just tired of them and thought their removal was a visual improvement. And I love the spoiler, finally after all these years, an escape with a spoiler! Now, here go the cons (in my opinion): 1) The leather seats are made with teeny tiny holes in the fabric, like little venting dots, for lack of a better explanation. They look really nice. BUT - Every time I eat in the car, which is often, when I go to brush the crumbs off the seat they are STUCK in the little holes in the fabric. My seats are black and food particles show. Boy, do they ever show! The only way to get them out (this was my last resort!) is to gently insert the tip of a toothpick into each hole containing crumbs, one by one, and scoop them out. I'm not overly messy by any means when I eat, these are just normal little crumbs like I've brushed off the seat in every car I've ever owned in my life with ease and without a thought. It sounds like such a small thing but it's my first "con" listed if that tells you anything, lol. But you don't know what you don't know, and I never gave it a thought. 2) Keyless entry - A few times when I went to get in the car with my keyless fob, it failed to unlock. It made the clicking noise, but didn't unlock. Even holding the fob right next to the handle and touching the handle repeatedly, it still wouldn't unlock and required me to physically press the unlock button on the fob. It's happened probably 4-5 times so far, but naturally it's frustrating because you never know whether THIS will be the time it doesn't unlock. About the time you forget and aren't thinking about it, it happens again. Could be really bad if you are in a big hurry (a parking lot alone at night comes to mind) and not expecting it. 3) Acceleration is more sluggy than the 2018 (my 2020 is a 2.0 which I think is the biggest, not sure if all titaniums are 2.0). 4) Putting gas in - Very small complaint, but still annoying so I'll mention - The gas door doesn't just open with a flick like my 2018 did. It's a press-release door and sometimes you have to press more than once to hit the sweet spot. Secondly, the hole to insert the gas dispenser is very narrow for some reason. Seems like you have to jostle the gas dispenser to fit just right into the narrow opening. These items are small and do-able, it just seems like a downgrade from the 2018. 5) From the auto-shutoff at a stoplight there is a slight hesitation before it takes off again when you hit the gas. Deficient as compared to the 2018 that resumed acceleration so smoothly it was as if it had never shut off. 6) The cubbies are gone! My 2018 had some neat little storage cubbies on the console, there was a little square that was deep enough to hold my iPhone upright, and a bigger cubby where I put my french fries. Also a little cubby for spare change. ALL GONE. There are no cubbies at all in 2020. Oh, and the glove box is more narrow. I knew this when I bought it so I can't complain too much, but it was a very nice convenience that's gone in 2020. 7) The 2018 had a little red lock indicator, from the outside when it's locked you could look across at the other door through the window and see a little red light indicating the doors were locked. Not there now. Not a big thing or a deal-breaker, but it was a nice convenience that's gone. 😎 Lumbar support for the front passenger seat is no longer available as it was in prior years. Bottom line - In hindsight I feel like I spent a lot of money and and other than miles, it's feels like a step down in so many ways. Nothing major, no one thing, but the little things do add up and if I had a do-over, I would pass on buying it.
  2. Susan

    2020 Escape: heated steering wheel

    I have a 2020 Escape Titanium, my steering wheel gets plenty warm and stays warm. I'd take it in and complain while its still under warranty. I don't have that issue but I do have others and wish I'd kept my 2018 titanium. Feel like I stepped down and paid to do it.