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  1. Amason71876

    2010 2.5 #2 misfire

    Ok 2 years check Engine light started coming on giving me a Misfire cylinder number two code I tried all the normal things swap coil packs,,Swap the injectors even put new spark plugs in it for what reason I’m not sure, to no avail, let me go back for a minute this misfire was happening intermittently and never under the same circumstances sometimes under load sometimes sitting at a stop sign at idle sometimes going down the highway on flat ground with cruise control set at 60 are you in at one point change the O-rings on the intake manifold , But still nothing changed. I gave up on it for about six months then I took a look at it again just couldn’t figure it out finally I swallowed my pride bit the bullet and spoke to my father as he has a friend that just retired from the Ford garage as a service mechanic for 30+ years dad talk to him and told me to take my car in his please, While there we spent 2 1/2 hours testing everything possible even did a compression check all four cylinders met factory parameters cylinder number two was a little bit slower Building pressure but was still within factory specifications at this point he shrugged his shoulders and said I’m sorry I have no idea any help would be greatly appreciated