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    Weird wire

    So I found a wire that spliced into the ground of ignition coil 1 returns to the dash under the steering wheel, disappearing into nowhere. Then another wire following it returns to the engine bay through the same port in the firewall and reaches as far as the positive of the battery cable. This end has it's own fuse box with a 30 amp fuse in it but has long since frayed and disconnected from the positive which is where I assume it was connected to before. What is this for because I can't find it in any of the electrical schematics. I have posted a few pictures with this to clarify. My question is should I reattach or is it an unnecessary modification? I'm not sure. First picture is the ground (I'm assuming) spliced into the ignition coil. Second picture is inside the car facing the wires. They are red and purpleish and my finger is pointing where they go(unknown and unseen). The last picture is the other end with the fuse box and the frayed connection. What do you guys think?