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  1. Bobby Vance

    Slight window problem

    I really liked the car otherwise. I really think it will be a winner for Ford, I just don't have the patience to see it. If I would have waited for a couple years for the bugs to get worked out it might have been great. I just felt with the way Fords dealerships were treating my concerns, if there ever was a bigger problem that was dealt with in the same manner I would be up a creek. OH well, I hope everyone has the best of luck with their new vehicles. Take care, Bob.
  2. Bobby Vance

    Slight window problem

    I took the car to 2 Ford dealers and showed them the windows would not operate when real cold. They pulled the car into the shop, let it warm up and since they went up, even though very slowly, they said they were operating as intended. The car had a horrible thump in a front tire. I took a service tech with me and he said he heard and felt the thump. When I went back that afternoon to p;ick it up they said there was no noise or thump, problem was not duplicatable, and everything was fine. The settings on the radio display kept going blank, the time would reset itself and sometimes things just would not function at all. I took it to the dealer and was told I had the latest flash and there was nothing they could do for me. The car had too many problems, the dealers had too many incompetent employees, Ford didn't care and life is too short too keep driving something that was the worst vehicle I had owned in 40 years. I washed my hands of it and am back in a GM truck that has not had a hiccup, which is more than I can say about the Escape. I wasn't going to come back and say anything but people keep commenting on this thread and I keep getting notifications, so I came back to thank everyone for their concerns, but it's too late. Thanks and so long, Bob.
  3. Bobby Vance

    Slight window problem

    I was told the windows are working normal. The motors growl like they are 15 years old. They really struggling to raise the windows. If the car was 15 years old, I would think the motors were shot and need replaced.
  4. Bobby Vance

    What color Escape did you buy?

    White platinum.
  5. Bobby Vance

    Escape Ecoboost Owners?

    I've had my 2013 2.0L for about 5 weeks now. I'm avg. 25-27 mpg and it moves along nicely. It does better if I stay out of town and cruse the highway.
  6. I have only lowered and raised my front side windows about 3 times since I bought itWednesday. I noticed they are very sluggish trying to come back up. They act like the motors are worn out. Yesterday the left window didn't want to come back up but finally did. The passenger side refused to move more than 3 inches. The window would attempt to raise and you would hear a click and the window would stop trying. After about 10 seconds I tried again and it clicked and stopped again. I had to pull it up while using the switch. It would otherwise click while coming up and just stop. My dealer says it is probably just an adjustment. I'll have it looked at thursday while my remote starter is being installed. Otherwise I'm really enjoying my new Escape.
  7. Bobby Vance

    Bobby Vance and his new Escape

    I just bought a new Escape. It is an SE with the 2.0L Ecoboost engine. So far I'm loving my new ride. I have an appointment Thursday to get a remote starter put in. I traded in a F150 to save some gas.