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  1. tack

    Hood rust.

    My 2014 Ford Escape has rust starting on the front right corner of the hood. The seam underneath has seperated and allows moisture to invade. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anything be done to stop or slow it down?
  2. My 2014 1.6 Escape has a coolant odor coming from the right side of the engine. I can't see any obvious wetness but it does have a few drops on the pavement every morning. Any ideas on where to look for a leak? I'm hoping it is not a head gasket. Thanks.
  3. I just bought a 2014 SE 1.6 with 93K on it. The owners manual says not to change trans. fluid until 150K. Is it safe to wait that long? Is there a way to tell if the fluid is still in good condition? Thanks.
  4. tack

    Sour smell

    I just bought a 2014 Escape SE with 92K. I noticed a sour milk smell in the morning when I first open the door. It goes away after I start driving. I checked all the carpets for moisture and all dry. Any ideas? Possible air conditioner problem? Thanks.