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    Odd instrument cluster icon...

    New to the Forum but not new to Escapes, this is my fourth. I have a 2020 with about 6,000 miles on it. A very odd icon that I have not been able to identify - owner's manual, internet etc. - popped up on the instrument cluster this morning. It's kind of difficult to describe but - It is very small and there are two parallel dotted lines. Inside the lines there is an even smaller rectangle with sort of a dot and a small square inside it - again very small. The rectangle is canted to the right as though a vehicle was beginning to make a right hand turn. If I am under 40 (mph) the icon is not highlighted. When over 40 it's highlighted in green. If I go over a ripple in the asphalt it's highlighted brownish-orange but then quickly goes back to green. There's a lot of re-asphalting on the highways around here and it first came on this morning when I went over a such a ripple. The icon comes back on and stays on after turning engine off /engine on. Thanks in advance - Ruger 1