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  1. Markfnc

    2017 Escape headlights

    It was the plastic piece that the bulb plugs into, both had gone bad. Local Ford service fixed, and at the same time they fixed a recall on transmission linkage (?). I had got that letter, but it said parts were not in yet. Parts had just come in, but letters hadn't gone out yet. That was great, as it saves me a 2nd trip to do that. Great service. Crossroads Ford Apex, NC.
  2. Markfnc

    2017 Escape headlights

    Dropping off today at local Ford dealer for diagnostic. By the way this is the for dealer in Cary/Apex NC that at a point had the largest indoor show room. It might still be. It used to have over + 100 cars inside, on Friday at had 10. If i would have been there to buy a car, it would have been a sad situation.
  3. turned on car to drive home, seemed very dark. looked and lights were not working. Small light on dash that shows if headlights are on shows that they are on. had to use led adn fog lights to get home. Thought it was bulbs, but weird to both go same time and i had changed not long ago. Took it to my repair guy (already scheduled for oil change etc.) He said there are codes in the BCM, but when cleared it comes back on immediately. I've got to get to my Ford dealer. in mean time, anyone else have this issue? repair cost? is a Made in China price that will take 5 years to get?
  4. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

  5. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    It is the coolant leaking into cylinder issue. Replacing under warranty. Eco Sport rental in the meantime. No timeline yet on how long it will take. Does engine warranty start over at 0 miles and the date of install? Any issues with replacement? I’ve seen pictures where instead of a slit for coolant between cylinders, the replacement has an oval hole off to the side of the cylinder. When did that change go into the production 1.5 engine? This will be 2 Fords in a row for me with issues. My 2013 Taurus had the water pump issue, that was out of warranty and cost me $2,200. That issue was the water pump being internal to engine, and when it goes leaking coolant into engine. Bad design. But no issues with wives 2005 Freestar mini van (kept it 15 years and 210,000 miles), or my 2007 Explorer that my son is driving now with 240000 miles.
  6. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    dropped off at local ford dealer, they gave me a loaner. looks like the coolant getting into the cylinders. replace engine under warranty.
  7. Markfnc

    2017 1.5L Coolant loss

    2017 Escape Titanium 1.5 L. 44,000 miles. Driving to work on Thursday got the "Engine Fault Service Now" warning light. I was 2 miles from work, so got off interstate drove some back streets the rest of the way in. At lunch i started it, no more warning light. Driving in Friday Warning light again "Engine Fault Service Engine now", quickly followed by "engine overheating stop now" (or to that effect). Temp gauge went very high. Pulled off of high way onto off ramp. Stopped for 10 min. +/- . Started up temp was back to normal. Drove side streets the rest of the way in. Once sun came up checked coolant, it was very low. At lunch went to the auto parts store to get coolant, and added about 1/3 of bottle. Warning lights were all off now. drove home back roads. Checked coolant when i got home, it was low and again i added about 1/3 bottle. Fri night did some goggle searches to find the issues on 1.6 and 1.5 engines for coolant loss. Sat morning started escape, a lot of cloudy white smoke. Back out of garage due to smoke and parked outside. Sunday drove around neighborhood, no smoke. coolant didn't go down, but again only a few miles driving. I set up appointment for warning light, but nothing available until March 12. I've e mailed my service manager to see if I can get in earlier, and if its safe to drive the 40 miles to the dealer i bought it from and who has done my servicing. I drove my Taurus to work today. Would it be safe to drive , or if warranty anyway, and Ford dealer would be ok?
  8. I just got a 2017 with the auto shut off feature. Does anyone think that will wear out any parts sooner? starter etc?
  9. Markfnc

    Hello from NC

    1 month update (5-6 weeks actually). I really like the interior and seats. very comfortable. Had Taurus and Explorer before this, so was worried it would feel small. It doesn't. Have figured out the controls pretty well. Hardest thing to find while driving is hvac fan up and down. Far outside at top each side. Wish on off button for hvac was on 1st knob, not a stand alone. small worries. 29 mpg overall, with most of that on the highway going to and from work. I think the auto on off at stop lights really helps mpg. freaked me out when it 1st did it.
  10. Markfnc

    Hello from NC

  11. Markfnc

    What color Escape did you buy?

    2017 Titanium White Gold
  12. Markfnc

    Hello from NC

    I bought a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium last night for driving to and from work. Gold with tan leather seats. Has the 1.5 L turbo. Had 32,000 miles. Previous car was a 2013 Taurus SEL, that has 226,000 miles (bought in 2015). Car before that was a 2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer (bought in 2008) that my son drives and it has 245,000 miles. We also just sold a 2005 Ford Freestar Mini van that had 205,000 that we had for 15 years. Took my son from 1st day of Kindergarten to moving into college last fall. I hope this is a good forum with good info.