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    Wow, after

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    Ford Escape to use Ecoboost Engines

    Opppps that was a 1.5 EcoBoost motor with a six speed auto FWD setting. Driving in Two wheel Drive for economy. Cain't get thet 28 MPG Shucks n' heck.
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    Ford Escape to use Ecoboost Engines

    Easy Rider..Ok mind you I am in much different circumstance than all those commuting to and from work, and pressed for time while shopping then getting the heak home...... waahooooooo Ok I accelerate slowly mostly unless in town, but out in the 'rural' I do not usually get pressed to go fast, but I'll keep up with trafic if it packs up one or two behind me. But more than likely there will be no one ahead of me or behind, go whatever I want to go to. I have the engine die thing going on and even in town is a place to go through at about 35-50mph, when it's supposed to be 45mph...... Any ways we all 'mostly' live day to day, bye and bye, But one thing... I'm getting through all of this... Accelerating only as needed or with no trafic... half mile to speed then cruise control. Scary cause you gott'a watch out for deer. This is November 13 2020, and what a frikin year 2020 has turnedout to be, so on the freeway I'm going 65 mostly, occassionally 70, but not very often 70 -- for a mile or two mostly, cruise control 68-69-70, mostly lower end of speedy So that's how I drive..... pokey.... will keep up with trafic. go 60-65.... and I get 26 MPG miles for each gallon and the Escape takes about a 15 and a half gallons to Fill The Tank. It has EPA Fuel Economy Estemation of 22 city & 28 Highway. Perhaps my weight, the only mods are the side window deflectors in the slimline close to the body low drag if any. Still I can't Coach any more miles out of it. I have alot of freeway speed highways lead here and there, long distance Hundreds of miles at 60-65 slow acceleratin then continued speed on Cruise. @ Twenty Six miles per gallon.... thats 22 MPG To 26 MPG.......... not quite that 28 Ford claims. 28 may be obtainable on some flat long load going for hours at freeway speeds I might be going barely 60 more likely in the 50's listening to NPR, cussing and calling BS on their program guests. That ought to be good for a half mile from a full tank start.
  4. Has anybody gotten themselves a CB radio for their Escape ? Perhaps a small or hidden type and what type of antena did you use ? I'm tossing around getting a CB and perhaps a Shortwave radio. Even a two meter Ham ? Any radio freaks here ?
  5. Now they are available from Ford Accessories, Genuine Ford parts and sell for about + - $150.00. There is another one of the same design only made of stainless steel rather than the $150.00 aluuminum ones and I think they go for around $320.00 + - Has anyone had any information here on installing them, build quality or just a review ? My Escape is a 2018 and I am disabled. I get out of my Escape, stand and grab the front to rear side rails to support myself and hand to hand scoot back to the rear side window, open the rear door and remove my crutches and then am able to walk. The pull on the rails is no slight pull and crossbars would tighten and strengthen my movement safety. And...... facilitate roof rack duty occasionally to boot. Any opinions ? I LOVE my Ford Escape.