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  1. Okay, but how do I access this SJB? Pepse.
  2. Knottynuts, Yes this happens with all doors and the liftgate. I just checked the voltage at the fuse and I have 11.08 volts. So, then it is apparently the SJB? Later. Pepse33
  3. Knottynuts, I will look into the number 9 fuse as soon as I get out to my Studebaker to get my tester. Thanks for the reply. Pepse.
  4. Hello folks. I searched for and found no answers to this problem. This is a XLT. Nothing fancy. So as said the dome lights only come on in "ON" mode. When switched to Door nothing happens. No dome lights. Also, the thumb wheel on the dash to turn on dome lights does Not work either. The umber 9 fuse (interior lights) is good. Any thoughts? Later. Pepse.
  5. Pepse


    Hello people. New here. I joined even tho I don't have an Escape/Mariner yet. My wife recently purchased a 2006 Escape XLT. Mechanically it seems very good so far. I plan to sell my Fusion SEL so I can get a Mariner/Escape. Well this is a start. Thank you Pepse.