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  1. Mixman98

    ABS Module

    Hello, I have a 2010 Escape Limited. Recently after hitting the brakes hard, the pedal needs to be pretty much pushed to the floor for any braking. At first, the brakes would be back to normal after a restart or the next day. It's been 4 days since the last time and they still go to the floor. I've been working on cars about 45 years so I'm no stranger to auto mechanics. I know the ABS Modules have been an issue on these vehicles. My question is, has there been a recall for these and if I change the module with a known good one from the same year/8th digit Vin, does the PCM need to be programmed for the new module?
  2. Mixman98

    Battery Light Always On

    Hello, the battery light is always on in my 2010 Escape Limited 3.0. It has been like this for 3 months now. The alternator is charging the battery and the battery is not draining. I'm assuming it is a wire to the sensor. Anyone else ever had this issue? Thanks
  3. Mixman98

    Cargo Door Opening Measurements

    Hello, first time posting on the forum. Glad to be here. I have a 2010 Escape 2WD Limited. I was wondering if anyone knows the height and width of the opening of the rear cargo door? I need to pick up an electric range (unboxed) and the dimensions are 30" wide, 26" deep, 47" tall. I know I need to lay it down due to the height, just wondering if it will fit through the opening this way. I'm inside at work, which is why I can't measure at the moment. Thanks, Larry